"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 15, 2009

limits, i should teach spiders limits

setting limits is going awesome.
can't you tell;-)
can we put the door hook-ie things on yet?
okay, so this is not so bad,
but can we get something to close our computer and printer up inside?

we spent the day at the park with grandma gibson yesterday.
no swings.
no swings?
i kid you not,
no swings,
but they did have these spinning top things that made us really dizzy.

i hate spiders. click here.
i always seem to find the really big ones.
the big, scary ones.
i took that picture of the black widow outside our door in oct.
don't know what i'm talking about?
click on the link up there. really, it's worth it.
it looks fake, i know.
it was not fake.
there's still a black smudge from it on the stucco.
i took it.
then smooshed it.
i took this one too:

then smooshed it.
and flushed it.
i'm scared to use my potty now.
no child should ever watch arachnophobia, the movie.
i'm scarred for life.
so is brennan, but only b/c he doesn't seem to like big slides.
story for another day.

questions from the goddesses

1. Amy


Is Pork Loin starting to talk yet? I mean aside from "duice". Does he speak in his own language? Do you understand it although no one else does?


Hmmm, i wouldn't say he is talking, no. he has a few words: juice/"duice", daddy/"gaggee", mama, hi...and more that i don't understand;-) i am thinking he has more words, but we haven't been able to figure them out yet! i have been teaching him sign language for almost 7 months now, and how many signs does he know? 2, if you include waving hello & goodbye. HA! the other is waving him arms for "all done." he will also just push things away or grunt/yell, but i still count it as knowing a sign;-) so much for that!


Amy said...

Thanks for answering my questions. I love hearing them trying to talk. It is the cutest thing in the world!

Spiders? Not my favorite thing. So sorry to hear about your run in with them.

TiffanyM said...

Spiders?! that's so gross! I hope that they don't happen anytime soon!

Fiauna said...

"All done" is also one of the only signs my daughter has learned, despite a full year of teaching.

I hate spiders, too. And yes, I have spun on the spinner things that have replaced swings at so many playgrounds. Very dizzy-making.

Stacie said...

Lizzie stayed out of "my" cabinets in the kitchen after I gave her one of her own. It only has Tupperware in it. She can pull everything out and I don't care - she just has to help me clean it up. When she wanted to explore my cabinets, I would say "No thank you, that's Mommy's. Where is Lizzie's?" and then redirect her to the Tupperware one and she finally figured out it where she could and couldn't play.

And, I agree, spiders are disgusting. What's their purpose on earth??

Proudfeet said...

Your pizza looks amazing! I am making it this week! Ok you are not alone with the spider problems! We have found our fair share of them at our house! We are talking hobo spiders and black widdows, seriously! So nasty! We have traps all over and I spray within an inch of being fumigated out! And oh their season is upon us again! So fun!