"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, March 16, 2009

twisted limits

this will be a good distraction for awhile.
until we figure out those limits.
s.d.gib gave me the go ahead to get a new desk.
one that closes my computer tower and printer up in a locked spot.

until then.....
it's spring break!!!!!!!!!
and that means paaaaaar-taaaaaay time!!!!
have you ever vacationed at home?
i'm thinking it's the way to go.
last night we listed out all of the fabulous things we've always wanted to do at home, but have never been home to do them.
among the list:
sushi date
movie date
clean out the pork loin's den
spray for spiders (this is on the top of my list)
car registration (i guess they don't like it when they your driver's license is from a different state than your license plate, who would have known???)
bolt down dvd tower
organize closets
clean out mom's house
carpet stains (remove them that is)
baby proof the stuff that's irritating me (i.e. shredder)
listen to lots of big band music.
especially ella fitzgerald.
oh, and the twisted song. not the one from middle school. i loved that one too. who was the singer?
no, this one is by annie ross and king pleasure.

loves to you,


Sue said...

Vacations at home are my very favorite kind. So much fun!

Have a great time together.


Fiauna said...

We love to vacation at home; but that seldom involves cleaning carpet stains. It, instead, involves lots of paper plates and pizza. Have fun!

Amy said...

Can you believe it, I have never heard the song Twisted until today? Crazy! I am so excited for your super fun Staycation! My hubby is doing an internship right now, so he doesn't really get time off. I am super jealous. No worries, I still play, and then I just tell him about it later. Have fun!

Lauren said...

Ooh! A "staycation!" Sounds fun (minus the cleaning part... ick... oh, yeah, not the spiders either...)

Natalie said...

Home vacations are some of our favorites!!! I'm feeling excited for you!

And seriously, limits for the little cutie with the cheeks, yeah right!

Sue said...

Glad to see that you scooted in under the wire for the giveaway prize. (You were #9!).

I need you to email me your address so I can send the book to you on Monday, okay?

Hope you will like it! And thanks for being such a faithful reader of my blog. (And I think your hair looks GREAT au naturel, btw.)

Synergy Girl said...

Hmmm....no, they don't exactly appreciate your drivers license being from a different state, but I am going on over five years, and I say that if my drivers license says that it doesn't expire until I am 65....then, well, it shouldn't....so there!! I have been pulled over several times, but, until they "make" me, I am keeping my AZ license...HA!!!

Good luck with the LIST!!!