"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 16, 2009

put me in the zoo

look what brennan can do...

(pediatrician's office this morning)

(aris, this means you get a batch now too;-) address please!)

our zoo pass is getting used.

a date with maddie from down the street was yesterday.

(she's the cute little blonde to the right of brennan)

we gave him his 8th (count 'em), 8th haircut on thursday

we saw lots of animals, but i think the children would have rather just played in the stone water ball the entire time we were there.
can you see me?
and the stroller?
i love the great apes.
brennan was barking at them.
not so "pork loin" in comparison, eh?
now, where's my picture from elem school in front of this???
ok, ok, next time i'll take pictures with some animals.
but, don't you think brennan counts?
i'm pretty sure we could put him in the zoo.
i'll bet it would be their biggest attraction ever;-)
at least i would go see him.
put me in the zoo
i will go into the zoo.
i want to see it.
yes, i do.
we do not want you in the zoo.
out you go!
out! out with you.
why did they put me out this way?
i should be in.
i want to stay.
just wait and see what i can do.
look! now all his spots are blue!
and now his spots are orange!
he looks very good that way.
now look at this!
what do you see?
spots as green as green can be!
violet spots!
say! you are good!
do more! do more!
we wish you would.
i can do more.
look! this is new.
blue, orange, green, and violet, too.
oh! they would put me in the zoo,
if they could see what i can do.
we like all the things you do.
we like your spots,
we like you too.
but with all the things that you can do,
the circus is the place for you!
this is where i want to be.
the circus is
the place for me!
-put me in the zoo, by robert lopshire


Soon to be Mrs. D said...

WOO HOO! Thanks pork loin :) I will email you.

p.s. I love that you typed up the entire book, so cute!

Sue said...

Well, he's definitely a walker now! No doubt about it!!
(And a pretty cute one, too...)


keri said...

Yes, next time we will spend much more time with the big water ball. Fun times!

Fiauna said...

He's on the move, isn't he? Seriously so cute!

Dana and Adam said...

Man...I was so close!! Zach's B-day is in 4 days (that was my guess). BTW, Zach isn't even close to walking. He has no interest. Way to go, Little B!!

Natalie said...

Oh, I think I'm in love with your boy! He's just divine.

And, your hair?? I STILL LOVE IT!