"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, May 10, 2009

things i adore

shout out to mom!
i love you.
(look for my fav pic of mom & me tomorrow)
the gentlemen were responsible for the sunday dinner festivities on mother's day.
it was so cute.
steak and shrimp.
key to my heart;-)
i just wanted one picture of us all looking at the camera with our eyes open.
this was as close as we got.
so handsome!

pork loin?

yes please.

cutest little loin.
i have fallen in love with brennan's clothes.
i mourn them already!

i have things in my wardrobe that i adore. like old friends. that little white coat and those plaid shoes? i adore them. the coat was a hand-me-down (thanks annie), and those shoes? target, of course.

i've started buying brennan clothes in 3 & 4T with the hopes that he will be able to wear them forever, b/c i cannot imagine my little baby not being my little baby. today he was in straight 3T. i think it fit him perfectly. dang, looks like OPERATION eternal baby/toddler/kid clothes adoration might not work after all.

any ideas on how to make their favorite clothes grow with them????

oh well, i guess we'll have to just have another boy!

no news, i'm just sayin...

happy mother's day!



dear family,

no need to fret, i would never announce that kind of news on the blog without telling you first! you know how much i am into mugs and cute stuff like that;-) and again, no news, i'm just sayin...

love, em


Stacy said...

i LOVE his outfit!!! i cry a little too when they dont fit into something i bought or think is just too cute. you look gorgeous by the way. have you lost weight? not that you needed to, but dang girl! no red lips today? still look great! happy mommys day!

Sue said...

He's lookin' sharp, Em...a very cute little guy!

Happy Mother's Day!


Fiauna said...

Oh, Em. You're too cute.

Proudfeet said...

What a cute little family! I hope you had a fantastic mother's day, hard not to with that amazing looking feast!

beck said...

Happy Mother's Day Em! Looks like you had a nice mother's day. Did you get to see your mom? I'll be posting about my first mother's day when I get a chance.

Natalie said...

Looks like a fabulous Mother's Day!

Kelseyalice said...

cute hair :)