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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a bump on the head & a birthday shout out

i have seen enough hospitals this year.
s.d.gib is home recovering from a bump on the head.
a bump on the head that required head, neck, & chest CT scans (all clear, mind you), and 12 hours at the university hospital.
did anyone else know there were CT scans for anything other than the head?
me neither.
there was a fainting episode, but they tell me men don't "faint."
they "pass out."
so he passed out and bonked his noggin' on the floor in the ICU.
he was not in the ICU for himself.
see it was day 2 of his summer internship so he was about to put a brace on a patient.
next thing he knew, KABOOM!
took pork loin to the doc this morning as well.
i'm a regular Florence Nightingale!
antibiotics prescribed.
wheezing, coughing.
felt like the rsv routine.
bronchitis or a form of pneumonia is what dr. jopling said.
two go arounds with "neb" for the albuterol treatment.
double puffs with the spacer 3-4x a day.
asthmatic, but not really, at least not until he's 2.
insurance purposes say so.
but they're treating him for asthma anyway.
just not calling it asthma.
i'd rather him not have asthma, so if it's just some wheezing that needs and inhaler and "neb," but it's not asthma.....
wait, that sounds like asthma.
on a lighter note,
the flowers are blooming on the trees in the park.
pretty, fluffy, pink ones.
and MOST importantly,
it's silver fox's birthday today.
dad is top left
so serious, who killed your dog?
happy 62nd p-diddy!


Proudfeet said...

Girl you guys know how to live! I hope everyone is ok! And recovering quickly!

Bree said...

i have the shirt you have onin your picture with the er tag....cute! glad all is well

Sue said...

Hope your hubby is feeling 100% very soon. Do they know yet what caused him to "pass out" (not faint)?

As for the loin, my grandson had rsv and was "asthmatic" for about the first three years of his life every time he caught a cold. At 7 he now shows no signs of asthma, even when he is really sick with a respiratory illness, so your little guy will probably grow out of the whole tendency.

And Happy Birthday to the Fox.


Jess said...

Yeah Right- Ya'll enjoy the drama of the ER life, that's why you're there so much :)

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Hi Em! I hope everyone is feeling better soon! On the Asthma situation you've got going on...that sounds like my life with my little one, Lily. Her life in a nutshell: RSV, sick, sick, sick, doctor, doctor, doctor. Doctor refusing to call it asthma, but instead RAD - Reactive Airway Disease. Fine with me. I guess once you say asthma - you can never go back. We finally go to a Pediatric Pulmonologist - lots of tests, more sick, sick, sick - lots of medicine. Dr. Pulmonologist says RAD is asthma. 2 years later - along with steroid and xopenex inhaler puffs with spacer everyday...Lily = Good. Whew. That was a very long description - but, basically...I feel your pain. Take care of your cutie!! :)

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, never a dull moment for you! Thinking of you all, and hoping everyone gets healthy asap!

Bonni and Pete said...

I don't know what is with our class, but last year that happened to 3 or 4 other people, and when I was an aide, that happened to me the first day there. our bodies are crazy. hope sean is doing ok, at least it'll give he and his CI something to laugh about later.

Also, have i mentioned that I love your little pork loin. he is absolutely adorable, hopefully the rsv thing will pass sooner than later.

Cari said...

It never seems to end does it? WHen it rains it pours... hopefully the storm will pass soon. When you guys are up for it, and everyone is well, let me know so we can have a bbq?! If you need anything just hollar!

Fiauna said...

I sure hope your hubby feels well soon. 12 hours in the ER??? 12??? What country are we in?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Is it you Emily? I remember spending time with you and your Mom on the beach near Playa Del Rey in Southern California, not too long ago! You were still in diaper and wearing that same hat in the picture with your Mom. I really feel old now!
I've heard about you from your Silver Fox Dad from time to time and now he has a beautiful grand-son, how time passes.
I have not spoken or seen your Mom in ages, but my memory of the old house she had in Park City is still vivid to this day, the giant couch and the old bathtub. I really miss those days! I have turned 70 last year and have 3 grand-kids one in college and another next year. Your father and I have soooo many memories together, I only wished we could relive them again, that part of my life I will treasure forever.
What a wonderful surprise and thanks for sharing, your parents must be proud!
Your Uncle Fuji