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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


we're recycling.
HOT DOG it feels GREAT.
much less "trash" as well.
meaning less garbage for s.d.gib to take out.
well, it's really the same amount of "taking out," but it feels like less.
my college roommate would be so proud.
she used to store old newspapers under the mat by her bed.
we're talking a huge mound of newspapers.
like Mt. Everest in our room, hiding under a pancake.
at the time i must admit, i thought it was a bit "granola,"
but now, i respect the woman!
thanks roomie!
kat, just know that amanda wanted to throw them all out one day, but i stopped her!
go me:-)
and know we're doing our little part.
i'm still not entirely sure of all of the rules "recycling" entails,
but i do know that the little 3 arrow pyramid is a GO.
the rest is a guess for now.
recycling goddess, please what are the rest of the rules?


Sue said...

When we first started recycling, I found it hard to remember, but I'm really trained now. (We've been doing it for years, because the Bay area was really at the head of the pack with the whole recycling thing.)

It's good!

Emmy said...

Really depends on where you lived. I know when we lived in Mesa there was a number you could call that would tell you all of the rules.. so I am sure you can find out somewhere.

Brooke said...

oh- i refer to my rules (the little postcard the recycling people sent in the mail) daily! I still forget and I live in SF! I am happy to know that you recycle- I was starting to feel like utahns needed to jump on the wagon :) supposedly sf's goal is 100% waste free eventually- that means no trash, find a use for everything! crazy...

Proudfeet said...

Way to go! We are working on it here as well!

Buckeye Nut said...

I'll send Zoe over to show you the ropes. She is our "green" girl in the house and loves to take stuff out to the big blue dumpster. She has even gotten Emma started. We have a long ways to go yet but every little bit helps :)

Jess said...

The only thing I do know for sure here in midvale is that they won't recycle glass- LAME I know. And pretty much if you heat anything enough it can be recycled right?