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Monday, June 22, 2009

should have paid more attention in world history

courtesy of google images
(the only "world history" image i could find had a naked woman in it, so i decided to skip it and post ol' abe)
we had some friends over for movies and popcorn on saturday night.
after a rousing round of "seven pounds" on the tube (which i understood much better the second time around),
we got into the discussion about how i had heard that
"north korea was threatening to bomb hawaii."
obviously, they do not have the appreciation for a tropical paradise as the all knowing and all powerful americans do.
from that point nuclear war was the topic we entered.
i sat in our lazy boy, legs crossed, hand up on my chin looking extremely intelligent, and i listened.
"they just don't have the resources to do it on their own. they'd need france, germany, or china," mentioned tenille.
at which point i thought, "i really should have paid more attention in world history."
i believe it was my 7th period class sophomore year that i missed twice a month for away games.
i think of myself as a educated and intelligent person.
i have nearly perfect verbal grammar (thanks dad and sandie), and a strong knowledge of elementary education.
i have learned more about babies and children than i knew existed (and nursing for that matter).
i am always reading a book, sometimes multiple books.
but if you ask me about world powers and who would have to team up with whom to be able to initiate a nuclear war?
you'll have to ask tenille.
she is very knowledgeable.
i would assume many of you are well educated in this genre.
as for me,
pass the cook books and the ABCs.
and don't go thinking i don't value education.
i am proud of my bachelor's degree.
even prouder of my husband's soon to be doctorate degree!
i am an advocate of education.
continuing education as well (which reminds me...i need to get going on updating my certification!).
life is for learning.
i'm just saying i would rather learn about babies and things of that sort than nuclear war.
it's much more rewarding.
and peaceful for that matter.
so i'll enjoy my blissful ignorance for now.
and learn from my "world history goddess" what i missed in 7th period sophomore year (sorry mr. bregey, i really did love your class, but i just can't remember most of it...sigh. we miss you!).
if you are interested in a well educated person in history and current events (with lots of personal opinion, sass, and grace) click here.


Emmy said...

You are not the only one at all. I graduated in psychology and worked as a foster care worker... at that time in my life I used to watch the news, read news on the computer, etc. I felt pretty on top of things..
But now the news just makes me sick and annoys me. I like being in my little bubble of mommyhood. I still do read the news online so I am not completely oblivious.. but yes I am definitely with you ask me about a kids book, latest parenting theory and I can talk your ear off :)

Amy said...

That is interesting that you should post this. My husband and I were talking about the exact same thing, but he somehow doesn't believe that I got the story right (N. Korea threatening to send a nuclear bomb to HI). He is the super smart one in our family when it comes to current events and world economy and all that other stuff. Thankfully we all have people who can fill us in while we stick to reading and playing with babies. That is what I say, anyways.

Sue said...

North Korea is getting a little bit worrisome. To say the least.


Natalie said...

Ok, so this will make you laugh!
I clicked on the link and was taken to my blog. I thought: "Hmmm, I must have clicked the wrong thing. Why am I back to my blog?" So, I did it again. Same outcome.

It took me three times before I realized you really did link to my blog! (Are you laughing??)

So, maybe I'm not that smart after all. Yep, this is embarrassing.
But in my defense, I was expecting a link to your friend Tenille, I guess?!?

Oh good grief, this move is frying my brain!