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Friday, June 26, 2009

mavericks snail patrol

i grew up in a little town south of san franciso on the coast.
home of pumpkins, fog, wave watching/surfing, and coffee shops.
where flip flops and sweatshirts are the norm.
don't leave home without your reefs.
have you ever heard of mavericks?
it's the home of mavericks too.
the moist climate provides lush agriculture.
and lots of snails.
we had a beautiful garden in our backyard.
not big, not small.
cozy and inviting.
complete with an outside heater, post remodel my senior year.
plants and flowers of every kind that would flourish in a town with more foggy days than sunny could be found.
i've always thought snails were interesting creatures.
they're quiet.
sticky and slimy, but they don't run from you.
there's something marvelous about animals that are completely free of fear from something 100 times their size.
i'm not too fond of their slimy trail, but i think their antennas are endearing.
and we all have shells right?
harmless little creatures.
but no good for a garden.
i didn't see my step mom weeding or mowing the lawn, but as the entire family will confirm we would often find her out on "snail patrol."
the poor little lovlies didn't stand a chance.
no pest control at our place.
the supreme goddess, also known as "gram" could be seen with a paper towel in hand (quilted?), and a plastic ziploc in another.
the little snails would be sealed and shipped away, so TA' speak.
i'm sure you fellow "gardening goddesses" will agree with her methods.
oh how i enjoy them on my window now.
happily slime-ing my window,
with their endearing antennas.
have you figured out which goddess you are?


Brooke said...

snail patrol for us was throwing them out on the rode as cars drove by :) inhumane i know. i am planning a little day trip back to hmb with some friends. this gave me further inspiration. really- we never wore much else other than hoodies! funny...

Amy said...

I hate snails. I was onve taken to a fancy french restaurant and my date ordered escargo. I remember the garlic butter sauce they were in was pretty good, but I couldn't get over the thought that they were just slugs with shells on their backs. Then when I lived in LA I hated coming out of my apartment, because the ground was covered...literally... in them. I am so glad that someone enjoys them! :P

Beth said...

oh my gosh... you know how my mom killed her snails? You won't believe it....Beer! She would put beer in a pie tin and all the snails in the neighborhood would attract to it and there would be 100's of them dead in the tin... they would drink them selves to death! Funny. I guess thats the nice way of killing them, get them drunk first....ha ha

Beth said...

oh an by the way... where did you get the shirt you are wearing in your emilisq picture... it is the exact color of my soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding! I need to know!

keri said...

We would catch sails by the buckets growing up in Draper. After I married and moved here I saved snails from Jeff. He would smash them if he found one. I didn't realize the harm they did. We have never had a problem with them until this year when we planted Green Beans in our Garden. They have pretty much ruined them. Needless to say, I let Jeff buy some snail bait and now our garden is a snail grave yard. If you want Shells to make a neckless, come see me ;-)

Jess said...

Emma names them all "Shelli" and then The Schroeder pours salt on them when em goes inside- to spare her the gore I suppose

Tiffany said...

my mom used to pay us a penny per snail we got rid of. :)

Fiauna said...

I can't say that I love snails, but my kids sure do.