"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i lied about my age

it hailed a week or so ago.
big chunks.
we were out under the gazebo.
pork loin, s.d.gib, cousins galore.
all were in attendance.
it was the best seat in the house.
the pork loin couldn't help but walk out into the rain.
then it was like he forgot how to walk and got stuck.
so trusty sean went out to wheel him back in each and every time.
i feel young.
which is often hard to do in utah past the age of 21;-)
i feel 25.
i'm glad i'm not 14.
25 must be "young" in my mind b/c today while chatting with my girlfriend i mentioned how i was 25.
except i'm not.
i thought for a minute and said to myself,
"wait, i'm not 25. i think just lied about my age for the first time."
then i heard womanly voices of wisdom in my head,
"oh honey, you're still young, wait until you're my age! what i wouldn't give to be your age darling!"
do you know the "YA-YA SISTERHOOD" movie?
"what i wouldn't give to know what i know now, but still have those thighs!"
funny line.
i shrugged off the voices.
does my brain think i'm old?
why else would it spout out a lie like that?
i'm young, i'm vibrant!
and i think i'll just stay this way until i die.
don't worry, no need to tell me i'm young.
i already know i'm young,
but why did i say i was younger than i was?
it's funny really.
like doc holladay (sp?) dying at the end of tombstone with no shoes on (my favorite movie, remember?).
"this is funny."
an attitude of youth runs in my blood.
did you know my dad wake boards at 62?
he does tricks i am too wimpy to try.
which is pretty much every trick, but still, i'm just sayin...
he finally gave up heli-skiing this past year for a trip to visit us to ski park city.
we're rumored to have the "best snow on earth here."
i don't mind older age.
wisdom comes with age.
i rather enjoy wisdom.
although....i would like to fart in public someday and not be bothered about it.
i think you have to be at least 85 to get away with that...
but i'll still be "25" in my brain.
how about you goddesses???


Katie said...

I always look at college-age people and think I still fall into that category. I don't! And we are no longer one of the young couple in the ward (having a 6 year old and three kids disqualifies us for that). It is strange.

Hil said...

What a gorgeous picture of you! It's funny, I still consider myself 19... that is much younger than 25. Why would I want to be 19 again anyway? People don't take you seriously when you are 19. You are still a "teen" at that age. I am married, gone to college, I have a toddler...I couldn't be 19. Alas, I still think of myself at that age. I had to ask Jer how old I was turning this year...

Emmy said...

My mother-in-law always says she is 22. The thing is, at heart I think she really is! She seems to have more energy and joy for life than anyone I know.
I feel young at times because I look young so I find myself wanting to feel older, to be older just so people will not think I am 18 :)
But mostly I think I just feel content where I am at. I have two kids, one almost in school, so I feel past the new mom, young newly wed stage, but I also don't have kids in school. So I guess I am just stuck in this perfect little lala land right in the middle :)

Natalie said...

I'm going to tell you the truth on this one...only in "Mormon culture" is any and everything over 25 considered to be old. I know you know that, but I had to say it myself. And, it actually bugs me beyond belief that the attitude is so pervasive in our bubble. Because that's really what it is, a bubble. Sometimes I think we (speaking VERY generally with that we) need to have a reality check when it comes to how we view age.

All of that said, I L-O-V-E, LOVE that picture of you at the top of this post!! Please tell me you know how good your hair looks!! It's my favorite of you, EVER...because I've known you so long and all!

Missy said...

Talk about Fartin' in Public as an old bag...the templo is the worst! Try holdin' in your tear jerkin' laughs while tryin' to be oh so reverent! I have a good story about such a bag. Oh and BTW the new do is so cutie-ba-tootie that i'm coveting as I speak! LOVE IT!

beck said...

I think your make up looks extra nice in this pic. You look very beautiful! I know you like that red lipstick and its definitely "hot mama" but I think this color really compliments you well! Just over 3 weeks until we're out there! I'm getting nervous about the airport/airplane experience!

Allison Bitter said...

Emily.. I LOVE your short brown hair! You look adorable!

Jess said...

I know what you mean. I see the young newly-wed college kids (The Schroeder's nephews!) and still think of myself as that age.

keri said...

You look really pretty in that top picture!

Sue said...

For some reason, I don't care about my age at all. I just turned 57, and I never mind telling on myself. In fact, I sort of like having a few years behind me.

What I don't like is having my body fall apart on me. But that's another subject...


Proudfeet said...

Oh Emily you are so young at heart! I still think I should be fitting in with my younger sisters, 23, 19, 12...yeah not quite!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

The number doesn't matter at all!! I totally think it's all about the inside - if you feel you're 25...then you are! p.s....love your hair in the picture! :)

Michael & Leslie McCabe said...

Em, can I just say what a abosolutely stunning mommy you are. Seriously I love your dark brown hair and bright red lipstick. You are a beautiful girl inside and out!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I FEAR getting old, you seem to have a good attitude about it...you know, the farting in public comment, PRICELESS. In some ways I feel younger than I am...usually when I am reading people magazine...and then I realize I am not:)

Fiauna said...

My age goes up and down. I still feel like I'm in my twenties. I panic when I realize that someday (not too distantly) I'll be in my forties. On a really bad day, I feel like I'm still fifteen, emotional and out of control. On a good day, I feel mature yet vitally youthful.

I'd pick 25 all over again, if I had a choice.

Heather said...

love this post! you're hair is beautiful and I love the blunt cut look on you and the dark color!!!

I love our age and beauty just gets better and better in my opinion!


The Flying Pinto said...

I just turned...dare I say...40!

When I was pregnant with Lucy I was 37, and one day at one of my check ups my OB said it out loud, "and, you're 37, right?"

which shocked me to hear, I really think I stopped paying attention at 35 because my brain thought that she was wrong! I had to think about it!!

and yes, that is a great picture of you...you're very pretty: )The camera loves you!