"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 8, 2009

i want to snorkel.

kels, plus 3
want to go to australia?
me too.
at least kels makes me want to go there when i read about all of her adventures.
how could this picture not make you want to snorkel???
check out my sister's travel blog here.
she's a great writer and photographer, with a snazzy sense of humor.
ok, i'm biased, but really, see for yourself.
unless it's a private blog.
which i can't remember if it is or not.
and can't figure out how to know if it is or not.
so be daring!
what have you got to lose;-)
and if you're at work, don't you need another excuse (besides facebook) to take a break from your mundane tasks?
don't worry, i won't tell your boss...
p.s. goddesses (& gents)!!!!
i cannot put ANGELS & DEMONS down!!! the plot is non stop action with twists and turns at every corner. will they ever find the antimatter?! what about the first church? would you go inside one of those chambers to sift through archives at the risk of running out of oxygen?! i hope you're reading with us.
click here if you want to start reading!


Fiauna said...

I want to go snorkeling in Australia, too! Come on. Let's go.

Bonni and Pete said...

you definitely should go snorkeling, it's the best. Pete and I did it off Florida Keys, it was amazing. But I'd love to join you in Australia!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Snorkeling sounds fun, if I wasn't claustrophobic (sp). And...I am really wanting to read that book, I should...by the deadline;) I just swear I will never see the movie, I can't stand Tom Hanks anymore after his remarks this year:(

Kelseyalice said...

thanks for the shout out Em!

Sue said...

Okay, I clicked your sister's blog (albeit a little late), and fyi it is NOT private.