"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 11, 2009

thunder and lightening.

thunder and lightening.
why do i always say it in that order?
it sounds weird to say it the way it happens.
today i ran outside in the middle of a thunder/lightening/rain storm.
i thought i would make it back before it really whipped itself up.
i did not.
i wish you could really see how drenched i was.
how terrified i was.
how in my head i became very dramatic in praying i would not die from a lightening bolt.
funny how fear pulls those things out of us.

(don't mind my lazy eye. it doesn't always look straight forward. should have worn the patch more when i was 14.)

other mentionables...
my sous chef
we made grilled salmon last night.
silver fox's secret sauce recipe.
my CHERRY limeade
was absent a CHERRY.
this is unforgivable.
a picture for silver fox follows.
it's a Hawaiian luau in my dishwasher.
i like it better when i unload it and he's in his high chair.
he likes it better when he's in the dishwasher.
we compromise on some days.


Gilbert Family said...

cute sous chef! learns from the best. you are def a hard core runner! i LOVE cherry limeaids! i wish there was a Sonic here. i remember getting them ALL the time in Rexburg. how could they forget the cherry?? how rude! its your one serving of fruits for the day! j/k love the hawaiian shirt

Emmy said...

Cute pics! Sorry you got so wet. I went on a walk with my kids once, we started off heading east, beautiful clear blue skies. When we turned the corner, bam! Black clouds everywhere quickly coming our way. Needless to say we hurried home. I could not believe how it had such an absolute line of the storm front.

Sue said...

Once I went swimming in a thunder and lightning storm. My husband kept yelling at me to get out. (I was young and foolish...what can I say?)

Fortunately, I lived to tell the story.


PS. You have a strong dishwasher lid! heehee

Natalie said...

A Hawaiian luau in your dishwasher, I love it!!

Buckeye Nut said...

I love his apron...what a cute little helper! I actually enjoyed the thunder and lightning, it's one of the things I miss from home. I don't however miss that this is still tornado season there!

Katie said...

I need a good grilled salmom recipe. Is it really a secret? :o)

The Flying Pinto said...

So cute...Lucy helps load too. I love your apron!!

Jess said...

Does he do windows? Can he come to my house? He is one very attractive handy man/ sous chef

Amy said...

Running in the rain sounds like a dream! Of course I live for lightning/thunder storms. What a cute little helper you have!