"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 31, 2009


goddesses & gents,
i'd like to introduce to you

this picture was taken in his youth.
he is now the right bold age of 3 years old!
he'd red, he's blue, he has the prettiest flow-ie tail.
he's the coolest beta around.
happy birthday chuck!
we never thought you'd make it this far,

but HOT DOG, we're glad you did:-)
here's to 3 more!
(picture taken in my classroom on my first day of teaching, back in the day, awwww)


Sue said...

Congrats on Chuckie. A long-lived fish, to be sure.


Lisa Anne said...

I love beta fish. I had one that lived on my desk at work for 2 years. then I went on vacation a co-worker watch my fish. It was in a cute glass FISH shapped fish bowl too. Well she broke the bowl while cleaning it and then killed the fish because she didn't put the special water drops in the water. I was so upset, but I couldn't blame her.

Fiauna said...

Any fish named Chuck Norris has got to be good.

Happy Birthday (?), Chuck.

Jess said...

Love that your fish is named Chuck Norris- and wowie 3 years for a fish is like 15 human years.