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Friday, September 4, 2009


wouldn't one with olives on brennan's fingers haven been so much cuter? i know. next time.

is the olive a fruit or a veggie?
i'm convinced brennan would eat olives at every meal, if allowed.
so my question.
can the olive be counted as both

a fruit & a veggie?
i'm no farmer,
but my logic tells me it is "technically" a fruit b/c it grows from a tree.
i think the distinguishing factor of a veggie is growing from the ground.
then there's tomatoes.
an exception.

so can olives be an exception in the veggie world?
my argument for the olive being a veggie:
if they're not a veggie, then why are they always on the veggie platter at every one of our family holidays?
there you have it.
a fruit & a veggie.
there's green in the color black.

then there's the green ones themselves (which i REALLY don't prefer).

so can it be counted as a green veggie?
i think i'm onto something here...


Emmy said...

Sounds good to me! Then whatever you need more of that day, it can be that.
Too bad I don't really like olives.

Sue said...

Kind of a stretch, Em...kind of a stretch. I think it's a fruit, a la avocado.

But, whatever works for ya! At least you can claim that Brennan's eating his "greens."


Anonymous said...

What about strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe? They don't grow on trees.

em said...

see, i said i was no farmer;-)
then there's grapes, which grow on a vine. i guess tomatoes are on a vine. strawberries bushes, but maybe they're really called a vine? avocadoes grow on trees right? what makes it a fruit and what makes it a vegetable? how did i miss this in school?

Amy said...

Fruit. Definitely a fruit. And if you have never had green olives on a pizza, you truly haven't ever lived life. Sooo good! And I really can't solve the fruit vs veggie conundrum for you, because I go off of instinct. Good luck!