"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 3, 2009

orange juice, who knew?

brennan spent the morning at wilder's.
pancakes and bananas.
they are 2 weeks apart.
the boys, not the pancakes.
yup, when his mommy was done being pregnant i still had 2 more weeks.
even though our due dates were three days apart.
or something.
yes bree, i'm STILL bugged about that!
off i went to my monthly doc apt for babe in belly.
155-160 beats per minute.
doc assures me that, in fact, i am pregnant.
i know, amazing.
i left dr. N's office with my ultrasound slip in hand.
the BIG ultrasound slip.
the one where we find out if everything is happy and healthy in there.
(and if it's a girl?????)
"anytime after the 14th of this month," he said.
well, i've officially paced myself and set it for the 29th.
@3:15 to be exact.
this snazy new place has all of the bells and whistles.
same doctor, just new ultrasound place.
1 hour, 3-D, lots of pictures.
i'm excited:-)
so i picked brennan up, and we brought wilder home with us for an hour or two.
they squealed and laughed the entire way home in the backseat.
so this is what twins is like, i think to myself.
they fought over the walker and the bike.
then they played in the play house together.
somehow wilder overturned the walker and scraped his tummy.
"mommy, mommy, mommy."
it was sad.
what fixed it?
orange juice.
the juice i gave them in their own big boy cups.
which they spilled all over the ground after their 3rd refill.
glad we were outside.
glad they made it through 3 refills.
wilder said, "uh oh."
brennan patted him on the back, looking very concerned.
i poured him some more.
it was darling.
oh. and brennan will be referred to as "talley" from this point forward.
says wilder anyway.


Emmy said...

So are you going to find out?? So excited for you. A boy and a girl is a great way to do it ;) Then everyone will ask you if you are done, since you have two and you have one of each.

Sue said...

Can't wait to find out the results of your ultrasound! (Or are you going to keep it all secret?)


Lisa Anne said...

Super cute. Can't waitto find out what sex your having. The baby, you know boy or girl. Dirty minds. Any names picked out?

Fiauna said...

What cuties! Congrats on the healthy heart beat!

Natalie said...

They are so cute!

And, surely no secrets! I'll be so sad. Not that it matters what I think...but please, you'll tell us won't you?

Proudfeet said...

What darling little buddies! I can't wait to hear the results of the find out ultra sound in a few weeks!

Amy said...

Soo cute! Brennan is going to be a good big brother. I am so excited for you! *Squeal!*

Bree said...

that is hilarious! it makes me laugh just thinking about it! i love how they don't really "play" together, but around each other. thanks for letting wilder come and play! oh! and i can't wait to see if wilder calls brennan tally on sunday! (ps, i called my sister to tell her about it and she laughed because tally apparently is calling her neighbor friend, who is a boy, wilder ha ha!)