"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 27, 2009


i may not know much about cleaning tubs,
but i know a lot about cleaning teeth.
this young buck is my grandfather ryan. DDS.
(and yes, that's me, age 3?)
grandfather was my dentist every summer.
in addition to my bi-annual cleanings at home.
we spent 10 days in ottumwa, iowa every summer.
i LOVED getting my teeth cleaned.
and who wouldn't if this was the strapping guy cleaning your teeth?!
he used to give us our pick of any small rubber shaped animal.
animals of all sorts and colors were lined neatly up on the window sill.
i wish i still had one...
i'd like to think some kid somewhere bought it at goodwill store and is still enjoying it.
i floss daily.
except while pregnant.
let's be honest goddesses,
just getting the toothbrush in without "ehem-ing" in the sink is a glorious feat the first few months.
(except for those choice few of you that DON'T get sick. bless you, you lucky dogs.)
so the 2nd trimester brings a dentist visit for me.
and the pork loin's first check up!
we start oral health early in our family:-)
the dentist is FUN!
at least that's how we see it;-)
they brushed his pearly whites.
gave him a toy car and a snazzy tooth brush.
and then let him watch curious george with grandma gibson while my beauts were cleaned and checked.
i'm happy to report the following:
in fact, as usual, i'm brushing too hard.
gum fillings were ordered for mid-september to protect my roots.
yes, i brush that well.
fluoride given.
30 minutes waited.
and lunch was served.
my new favorite in fact.
whole wheat tacos.
whole wheat tortilla, warmed
taco meat
melted cheese
sour cream
avocado (my favorite part)
tomatoes (my keri AND grandma gibson's garden)
chopped greens
indulging ourselves with strawberries on the side.
now a nap.


Anonymous said...

Very cooool, honey. Sorry to read about your food poisoning. I expect Brennan is ok and all is well? dad

Emmy said...

Now that looks like a good lunch!
They always tell me I have deep pockets where everything likes to get caught.. so annoying.

Lisa Anne said...

Yummy, the tacos that is. I hate going to the denist the floride always made me throw up. And the chocolate flavor is nasty!! But it's just a part of life one of those things you just have to do!

Sue said...

Oh my gosh...Once again, you're killin' me with the food descriptions/pics! Those tacos look to die for, and I've already had lunch!!!


Soon to be Mrs. D said...

2 of my favorite things as well :)

Amy said...

You are sooooo lucky! Dentists scare me and I put it off as much as possible because I have very sensitive teeth. What a great example you are to teach your son to not fear the dentist as so many of us do. Also, I want your lunch. It looks so good, especially the avocados and strawberries.

Proudfeet said...

My grandpa was our dentist as well! Nothing better than a clean mouth!

Natalie said...

Yay for dentists and whole wheat tacos!! :)