"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 24, 2009

no more vacations

our last summer trip.
we drove.
we went to see these two get hitched.
in here.
(oh dear, just noticed the bug splatter on the windshield...is that sacrilegious???)
lunch, a luncheon, and one nap later...
we made our way back to idaho falls for one last night.
woke up the next morning.
pork loin fell down two cement stairs.
then he puked.
a lot.
never a good sign.
pediatrician nurse said, "you'll need to go to primary children's immediately."
"um, we're in idaho."
"then you need to take him to the nearest emergency room for a CT scan."
"um, we're in idaho" (pregnant woman now tearing up, when i would normally be calm in stress)
"you'll need take him in."
"did i mention we're in idaho??? our insurance doesn't work here."
i'm thinking we have NO money. like zero. enough to get gas for home and figure out how to not spend a dime over the next week until the student loans come in. more thinking...of course we'll take him. we'll figure it out, but are we sure this is what we need to do?
i hang up. i think i mumbled "thank you" through a few sobs.
called nurse natalie in AZ, called nurse jess in UT, called cousin pediatrician David in IA.
all agreed a happy pork loin playing in the tub and laughing just needed to be monitored throughout the day.
we all ate lunch.
i started puking.
a lot.
more than ever.
realized it was probably NOT pregnancy making me lose my lunch.
thought i was upset over pork loin's fall.
scout master starts puking.
nope, wasn't the fall.
friend's daughter starts puking.
uh oh.
6 hours later and one call to my OB we rule out pregnancy and call it food poisoning.
stay an extra night.
too sick to drive.
come home.
grandma & grandpa gibson drop off our most important order.
this year's byu shirts.
i got a large.
hoping it will hold the bun in the oven and wear the "Y" well.
find out our friend's other child we stayed with was puking all day.
lots of puking on this trip.
ruling out food poisoning now.
calling it stomach flu.
if there is such a thing.
no fevers.
just puking.
but i think i mentioned that...


Amy said...

Of all your vacations, I think this was probably not your favorite. Lots of memories, though not of the happiest. HOWEVER, I must say, PL certainly wears the Y well. Yay for fall and the season of crazed sports fans!

Sue said...

Oh well, too late for the grape juice now. I'm just glad the little loin is okay! (Stomach flu beats a concussion any day, right?)

I've never heard of an insurance that doesn't cover ER visits when out of state. What kind of broke down company are you insured with, anyway?!

Glad everyone is or will be okay.


Lisa Anne said...

Even if you are in another State your insurance should work perfectly as if you are home. All or most Insurance plans should cover emergencies for when you are not in your network area. Especially if you have an PPO plan you can go anywhere you want. You just pay your co-pay as normal. Even if you have Kaiser you can go to a non-kaiser hospital and they have to cover it because it was an emergency and no kaiser hospital was around.

Just letting you know for next time.

Emmy said...

Oh yuck! Sorry and glad he was okay. Of course he had to get sick after falling... bad timing.
Eric's family came and visited us when we lived in Durango and we all passed around a bug like this.. it only lasted a couple of days but you threw up about every half hour... so not a fun trip.

Jess said...

So sorry that you were sick- gastroenteritis- it landed at my house too, Emma and Dan got icky-sicky too.
LOVE the Y shirts Schroeder is slightly jealous of the Loin.

Anonymous said...

sounds like an AWESOME trip!! thanks for the comments on our little blog over here...and thanks for your everlasting love and support. hope you are all well.

love from portland,


Gilbert Family said...

hope everyone feels better soon. being sick is NOT fun. looks like you had a great time in ID. take care