"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 15, 2009


a photo gallery.
from our home to yours.
half moon bay
(i could stay in the fog forever!)
all i need is my
flip flops
and my toes in the sand.
murphys, CA
(a day trip away from the lake)
soaking his bum in the creek...
gelato followed our toe dipping...
jamestown, CA
(an afternoon away from the lake)


thanks for a great trip, p-diddy and supreme goddess;-)

yearly tradition???


Sue said...

This looks pretty much like perfection to me! I vote for the yearly tradition, definitely! That Lake House is to die for!!!!!


Gilbert Family said...

i LOVE brennans face in the last one! happy loin in deed. glad you had such a great time. you are such a great memory taker!

keri said...

Looks like so much fun!

Alison said...

LOVE the pics!!! You live well my friend!


Heather said...

so great! i'm jealous of the lake house - how incredible

and those milk shakes sound heavenly now

Emmy said...

What a fun trip! Loved all the pictures

Lisa Anne said...

This is so funny that I happened to come across your blog. I LOVE LAKE TULLOCH!! There's actually picture on my blog of my dad in his boat and we are on LAKE TULLOCH. We'd spend a week there every summer, 112 degrees in those small little cabins. I loved eating at the resturant in the hotel on the water.

LOL small world!!

I'm sure you get this all the time, but you look a lot like megan fox. I'm sure you're much nicer then she is.


beck said...

Looks like you had a great time! Very nice of your dad and Sandy!! Good memories! The lake house is a wonderful treat--I have fond memories! ;-) How are you doing these days?

Amy said...

That's it. Dibbs i get to go on your next trip with you. You have so much fun all the time! I need to copy you, and make more fun for myself. Yup, that is what I am going to do... as soon as I finish the dishes and the bedrooms *sigh*. Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Fiauna said...

Awww. That looked like fun. Next time, can I come? Just kidding.

Missy said...

HOW much fun did you guys have??!?! UH..HI. Sooo jealous! P.L never disappoints with his a-dora-ball pics! I miss the boating days... Glad you had a blast!