"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, August 9, 2009

foggy paradise

dear scout master,
we have been soaking in fog since thursday evening and LOVING every moment. i don't ever want to leave this ocean air. it makes me feel so full of energy. paige, aris, and brooke stopped by for peaches, bananas, and perrier with lime. it was a delightful afternoon. brooke's little boy and brennan took over the backyard for a few hours. i think tucker may be wondering when we are going to leave his kingdom. the silver fox has been spoiling us rotten. the pork loin has taken over grandma and grandpa's kitchen with toys and such. i talked to gram yesterday. she asked for the list of items we wanted from the store for our arrival at the lake. OH how i love coming home! i told her bubbly things, fruit, and snack items for the pork loin. she assured me there was peanut butter and jelly. we visited the beach on friday. the one by the ritz. the pork loin chased seagulls and did not like the cold ocean water. it was very cold, but i found it refreshing. the goosebumps on my arms felt so good. he made some friends with children whose parents actually brought toys for them to play with at the beach (smart people). he also fed their dog, rosie. it was a BIG dog. the kind you want. with lots of hair. the kind i don't want. it was a lovely golden retriever and she and the pork loin took to each other immediately. it made me think that maybe a boy does need a big dog. you have not won this battle yet. i'm just saying, you may be in the process of getting a treaty. a treaty that involves more negotiations. we've had prawns, artichokes, LOTS OF TRES (i saved a burrito for you and will be bringing it to the airport), and sushi. the pork loin had four pieces of sushi. he also ate the ginger. the silver fox couldn't believe it. he still like the caterpillar one the best. specifically the avocado on top. in the mornings we have gone for walks, played in the park, and watched cartoons with tucker and the silver fox. jess and kels stayed the night on friday (adam had to leave after dinner) and they showered him with womanly love. the lady killer ate it up. the silver fox is walking brennan so i can have a few moments to myself. bless him. we are having a brunch lunch with the grandparents and aunt sue this morning. we picked up chowder, sourdough bread, and salad last night for it. i can't wait to taste the chowder and dip my bread in it. mmmmm, do we have to leave??? i can't WAIT to see you today. the bed has been so cold on your side. i finished my book last night. i'm going to write a review of it on the blog. i am hoping you got my text to bring a new book for me. i feel naked without something to read.


Sue said...

What a cute letter to the "Scoutmaster"! Glad you're having so much fun in our stomping grounds...


Emmy said...

Yeah, glad you are having fun while he is away.
I always had a dog growing up, but have no desire to have one now, too much work and a hassle if you go on vacation.

Fiauna said...

Sounds divine! I hope you're feeling rested and well.