"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 20, 2009

tupperware take over

3 weeks of vacation & husband out of school=
fridge full of leftovers.
i am disgusted by how much food we wasted this month.
and GOOD food!
there was baked spaghetti in there:-(
and cowboy grillers:-(
so we had to clean out the fridge and feel guilty about how "american" and wasteful we had been.
vowing to NEVER do it again.
i don't think it's ever been this bad.
i love leftovers for lunch.
we make bargains for who gets the coveted poppy seed chicken & baked spaghetti leftovers.
so down the drain it went and into the dishwasher the Tupperware took over.
and off we go today.
to one of my favorite places.


Lisa Anne said...

That sucks! But what are you going to do. I love Tupperware, I have so much of it!!

Sue said...

When our kids lived at home, we used to be guilty of the same thing, but now I just cook less and we eat leftovers way more!


Emmy said...

Have fun on your trip...
I have gotten to the point where I often don't save leftovers as I know we will just throw them away in a few days. So bad.. I really have to get better about this.

Fiauna said...

I hate the tupperware takeover. I just went through one as well. Yuck!

Have fun in Rexburg.

Beth said...

you are a beautiful woman... and i love you! I hope you have fun on your secret vacation (wink, I know where you are going!)

Jess said...

Vacation is the worst for that, glad you're home though and that totally stinks about the dishwasher full of Tupperware, I hate that too.

Leslie said...

I have totally done that and I always feel sick about throwing away the wasted food. For now on I want to just buy exactly what I need for the week and only that. The problem is though, my husband is not a fan of leftovers. Its hard to because most recipes make more food than two people can eat at one sitting.