"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i took brennan to a church thing last night.
we didn't last long without a nursery to entertain him and ended up chatting with the young women in the hall.
it felt like ditching class in high school.
i'm watching brennan drink out of a sippy cup.
this skill took 17 1/2 mo. to develop, and hallelujah it has.
feeling so proud, my eyes wander down into the cup.
i see something floating in his water.
the same cup that held organic lemonade all day.
we had spaghetti for dinner, but this was not red floating in his water.
it looked black, maybe green. who knows.
so i opened the cup.
floating black things covered in white.
eyes widening now.
realizing it's mold.
mold floating in the water my child has been drinking all day.
child screaming b/c he wants to drink the molding water.
thirst. it will do crazy things to a person.
so i go to rinse out the cup in the kitchen.
but where did the mold come from?
i look at the lid only to find it completely caked in black mold.
this is when they tell me i've won the "mother of year" award.
then i spend the entire night trying not to think about said child drinking from a molding cup all day.
oh, and i boil the cup.


Amy said...

Ha! We have that froggy cup, and it is a favorite. Don't worry too much, you are just helping to strengthen his immune system, right? :) I am sure you feel awful (I always do.. my son once got fermented juice. I almost had a little drunkard on my hands) but it is making him stronger. That is what I tell myself anyways.

Sue said...

Oh, yuck, Em. I bet that grossed you out so much!

Carlson Clan said...

Oh Man, that is so nasty!!! I hate mold! I always find mold in the little stoppers and it's like impossible to get out. That stinks about the entertainment center...I've been looking for a while too! I'll let you in on a secret though, our entertainment center is actually supposed to have 3 cabinets in the center but they only had 2 so it's a little lopsided....but we're living with is because it's better than what we had!

Brooke said...

It happens to everyone- even though we think we are all being super clean it's bound to happen at some point! Blake hides his sippy cups and sometimes I just can't find then for the life of me. Next thing I know he comes out chugging one that he "found" and it is full of sour milk... yuck!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Oh my! How fitting that you wrote this post! While we were on vacation I looked at the toy hanging from Addison's car seat and noticed a bunch of greenish blackish mold growing on the feet of her butterfly! SICK SICK SICK! So, I know how you feel! We did not boil her toy, but threw it away! No more mold for our child;)

Jess said...

Maybe it was the kind of mold that penicillin is made from- it's a good thing we're so resilient right?

Emmy said...

Oh no! Hope he is okay... but I guess so far no reports of sick kid so he will probably be fine.

Missy said...

um...how did this happen, friend? hope his lil' system takes care of it...

Leslie said...

Good for the immune system! Ha! But seriously...thats nasty.

Proudfeet said...

Yucky yucky!

Lisa Anne said...

OH gross. I probably would have thrown that one away. sometimes you win some and lose some.

Fiauna said...

Oh yuck! But you know what? I've seen worse. No, really.