"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, December 14, 2008

frigid cold never felt so good

if you know me well, you know
rexburg, idaho.
so, i dedicate my post today to you, rexburg!
thanks for having us;-)
first of all, i understood adulthood/parenthood in an entirely new way.
brennan was a bit cranky about an hour into our drive, so we popped in "alvin & the chipmunk's" christmas cd (thank you mucho keri) and sung our little hearts out. brennan loved it. at one moment sean and i looked at each other and just laughed. it's amazing what you'll do for your kids.
welcome to idaho, eeek!!!
i'm so excited, i can't stand it!
we stayed with our "couple friend besties" lyn & erin in idaho falls the night before shawn ray's wedding (we went to idaho for shawn ray's wedding in the rexburg temple). their son is a year older than brennan...yeeeeeeaaaaaaah, brennan outweighs him by a 1/2 a pound. again, we state, we have a
pork loin.

a BIG thank you to katie and levi for watching B so we could go to the sealing

(i took this pic right before we left rexburg b/c it looks so pretty all lit up at night!)

the luncheon after the sealing:
sean, me, shawn ray, tenille ray (awww, happy couple!)
bishop, sis. wilcock, B
can we just say thank you for the wonderful people in our life,
thank you!
i begged sean to take this picture with me. it was 9 degrees outside and the snow was
"a blowin'."
bein' the fabulous hub he is, finally gave in for a "this is rexburg" photo for all of you to see!
thanks hun, you rock.
"this is rexburg" picture #2
notice how you can't see what the signs say b/c the snow is caked on, don't you LOVE this place!!??!!
me too:-)
this is the largest church building (other than a temple) ever built. i'm pretty sure it has its own zip code. the picture just doesn't do it justice.
we bundled B up so many times visiting friends. this was after zero naps and three visits. he was fine until we "velcro-ed" the hat under his chin.
i love this about rexburg in christmas. they make main street light up. my camera was on the wrong setting so it's all blurry, but don't you think it looks so magical!?
did i mention i LOVE rexburg?

we drove home saturday night so we could sleep in our own beds and wake up at home, despite the snow storm. it took an extra 45 min. to do it, with the weather and the lunatics in the salt lake valley on I-15
(it's a long story, but basically we almost got killed twice by the homeboys who didn't know how to drive in the snow. seriously, 85mph does not work when there's 2 in. of wet snow on the freeway!!!).

the snow plows go up and down I-15 all night long when it snows. this was somewhere around Inkom, Idaho.

other than our near death experience coming into salt lake city, we have a super fab time.
we love you rexburg!
a big thank you to...
lyn & erin, katie & levi, bishop & wendy, bro. & sis. allen, sid & lynette pierce


Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like you had a great trip!

(And well told, too...)

keri said...

Looks like a great adventure! I'm glad that you had Alvin to Entertain for a while. It IS amazing the things we do for our Children!

Gilbert Family said...

rexburg is quite wonderful. i was on the summer/fall track so i wasnt there for the "true" winter. it is so pretty though! but then, it all turns to slush and mud. not fun, but the begining is so pretty! i want to go back some day. looks like you had a great time!

The Gist Family said...

Hey Emily!

We were in Rexburg this weekend too! I think that is so funny! Except instead of enjoying the frigid cold I was cursing what I called the "frozen tundra which is Rexburg". We have been home since last night and I think I am still trying to get warm! All in all we had a really nice visit though, so I guess I shouldn't complain.