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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

trucks or tutus?

today is the BIG day.
we get to find out how everything is doing inside my belly button.
here's a WACKO theory i'm putting to the test on how to predict the gender of your next child....
are you ready for this??
you are supposed to look at your "previously born" child's head.
if the calic is dead center?
you will have a girl.
if it is off to the side at all...boy.
that calic is a little to the right if you ask me, but 3pm will tell.
will it be trucks?
or tutus?
click here to see a real live mama who swears by this theory!


Sue said...

Either way, it's gonna be a cute one!


keri said...

Make sure you text me!

Emmy said...

I have never heard of that. So exciting!! Can't wait to hear.

Gilbert Family said...


Brooke said...

not that i'm pregnant- but I'm here to get answers on that theory! what will I have if my kid has two calics and one is pretty centered and one is off to the side? Please do tell:)

I can't wait to hear!

Carlson Clan said...

What if your baby has 2 calics? Hannah does!

The Medrano Fam said...

Hi Emily, I don't know if you know who I am but I think we wre in student ward together for a little while and I grew up in the same ward as Sean, I'm Kindra Medrano. I always see your blogs with I am looking at other friends and enjoy reading all of your posts, I love your blog. So I have decided to stop being a crazy blog stocker and follow your blog, because I love reading it. It looks like our boys are about the same age Charlie is almost 19 months and we will have baby # 2 in Feb. Good Luck at the doctor today. P.S. Charlie's calic is slightly to the right, and they say we are having another boy!

Cari said...

Im super excited to see what you will be having. We will have to get together and have some girlfriend time soon. Seriously!

Dana said...

Katelyn's callic (sp?) is to the left and then our next baby was a boy. The theory worked for us! Brennan's looks pretty centered to me. Maybe you're having a GIRL! Lucky you! I'm excited to find out.

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I am so excited!! Make sure you don't keep us in suspense, and I have to agree with Sue no matter what still will be ADORABLE!!!!!

P.S. Alexandra's calic is dead center and I had a girl after her.

Boulant Family said...

How exciting!! I was always just so concerned whether there was just one little cutie in there!!;)

Amy said...

I can't wait to hear! Please don't keep us hanging! What a beautiful day to discover the gender of your child. *squeal*

Keith's calic is on the right side. We are having a girl and I am ecstatic! It will be interesting to know if the theory works for you.