"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 1, 2009

all is forgiven

my favorite thing to do at night is creep into brennan's room while he's sleeping.
tonight he was making a purring sound.
we have colds.
mine is almost gone.
his is in the middle.
i love to watch his sweet face sleeping.
perfect lips, perfect cheeks, perfect cabbage patch dimpled hands.
because no matter what has happened during my day, i am automatically softened, and he can do no wrong.
he is perfect.
because when he spills his entire bottle of milk and unrolls an entire roll of toilet paper within 5 minutes of time in one morning, i can go into his room while he is sleeping, and all is forgiven.
all is forgiven.


Gilbert Family said...

How could you stay mad at that cute face? It's their job, as I am learning, to push our buttons. Makes it that much better when daddy comes home! "YOURE TURN!" :)

Emmy said...

I agree... there are days were I just really don't like my kids, but to see them laying there asleep so peacefully.. it is easy to forget all the bad.
Thanks for the reminder.

Sue said...

Yep, it's one of the magical blessings of motherhood; that's for sure.


Amy said...

I sure love his pjs. They are so cute! What a funny little rascal. And in ten years you will be longing for these days. Even so, it is sometimes hard to enjoy them in the moment, isn't it?

Katie said...

Amen! Chad always laughs about me because at night, when the kids are sleeping, I coo over them even if they were driving me crazy an hour earlier.

Synergy Girl said...

Love it...too true. They are soooo angelic while they are sleeping, you wonder how they could have ever done any wrong it this world...

**Amanda** said...

I love this one!
What a glorious day that was!