"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the first.

it snowed the big flakes yesterday.
the kind i love the best.
the kind that are perfect for the first real snow of the year.
where you look up into the sky and all you see are millions of puff balls falling onto your face.
i was bound to be in a good mood with weather like that.
i love the cold.
it doesn't bother me.
i don't mind coats, boots, hats, and warming up the car.
it makes me happy.
i love to bundle up and step outside into the most quiet sound you'll hear.
so i pulled out the book tent and crawled inside.
i love a good book on a snowy day.
the pork loin loved it.
so did i;-)
when the tent wore out,
we bundled up.
i love my collection of winter hats.
there are 3 i am currently favoring.
snow on coats, hats, and in hair are my favorite.
after lunch and a nap we headed off to the U.
the scout master was playing in the intramural football finals.
big fancy stuff you know;-)
note to self: cotton pants don't work well in the snow with a toddler.
i love a man in uniform;-)
they won!
way to beat those med students boys;-)
do you think it's too much to ask to pray for snow again tomorrow?
i love a snowy day.


Emmy said...

I seriously used to be just like you. I grew up in Illinois and it would snow a lot and be horribly cold but I loved it. I loved it when I lived in Utah and Durango.. then we moved to Mesa. And slowly my blood thinned out more and more.. and now we live in Southern Cali.. and you know I just don't really miss the snow anymore.

Gilbert Family said...

so lovely! i love the first snow. youre so lucky. looks like you guys had a great time!

Sue said...

If I looked like you do in snow hats, I'd love them, too! That turquoise one is gorgeous on you. (Or rather, YOU are gorgeous in IT...)


Jess said...

Love the tent and I loved the snow too- so sad no snow today

Amy said...

Curly hair and hats don't work well together. You are so cute in your hat! I love it! I wish I could like the cold. I love being inside and toasty warm while it is freezing outside. I love coming in from the cold to a cozy house, but I hate the being cold part.

I love your book tent idea. I am going to have to teach Keith how to make a fort today. You have inspired me.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

First of all, Brennan is getting to be soo grown up! He is adorable!

Second of all, can you believe that it snowed in Utah before Rexburg???!!! Still no snow on the ground! Not that I am complaining:)

Third of all, congrats to Sean!

It looks like you all are having fun!