"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on my face

when it snows i must walk outside to greet it.
old habits die hard.
have you ever had snow on your face just after you've woken up?
best facial you can get, and the price is very agreeable;-)
it woke my eyes up and made my skin feel fresh.
it's a good thing too b/c sir brennan was up ALL night.
why is it that they changed the rules about cough medicines and decongestants for children???
really, does anyone know why?
found a hobo spider in our apartment this morning.
not fun.
i very much dislike squishing spiders.
it's not that i am so tender hearted that i am sad for their death.
i'm not.
i'm happier when they're dead and gone.
it's that i watched arachnophobia when i was 7, and i still can't put my slippers on without shaking them to get the spiders out. that poor old man!
the scout master earned extra credit last night by going to holiday at 9:36pm to bring me home a dr. pepper.
ice halfway please.
oh boy, he did it perfectly.
no food dreams last night;-)
now, how to get the tender loin to "ehem."
it's been far too many days...


Amy said...

I have never greeted the morning with snow. I am much too afraid of the cold. I do remember playing outside at night and letting the snowflakes wash over my face and loving it. I think I will have to try the next time it snows. That sounds absolutely wonderful, and I could sure use a good pick me up right now.

Beth said...

You know me and the cold my dear friend.... they do not mix, we are like oil and water. So I cranked up my heat this morning and took a hot bath. But about the movie arachnophobia ummmm.... I watched it when I was seven as well and I am always shaking my shoes out before wearing them and I hate sitting close to closet doors or anything that could have a spider potentially run out from under and kill me! Oh emily, when are we going to get together? let's wait on my house till next week. I am still unpacking and putting things together.... but I want to make some delicious soup for you and brennan so we can cozy up to some early christmas music and dance with our babies!

Sue said...

Tell Brennan the time has come for him to get well and sleep all night long again. Tell him grannysue said so.


Emmy said...

Yes the medicine thing is such a pain! I was looking for Mucinex for Alex recently and realized they just have it for kids now.. so annoying.
and your post almost made me miss snow

The Medrano Fam said...

Have you asked your pediatrition? Last winter Charlie had an awful cough that kept him up all night, night after night. Our Dr. said it was ok to give him a little bit of cough syrup as long as it was for coughs only, nothing added for fever, pain reducer, sinus stuff like that. I think we only gave him half or 1/3 of the reommened amount for children, it did make the cough go away totally but sure did help him sleep. A warm bath with Johnsons Vapor Bubble bath and baby vicks on his chest and neck always seems to help him sleep a little better when he has a cold too. Hope he gets better soon! By way thanks for the post last week about the baked potato with avacoda, after I read that I couldn't it out of my prego craving head, so Jesse made a specail trip to the store just to buy an avacado, it was heaven!!!

Fiauna said...

I personally think it's worse for a child to suffer all night. Poor kid. Poor mommy. I'm so sorry he is sick.

Dana said...

If by "ehem" you mean "poop", have you tried chiropractic? It gets things going...seriously.