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Thursday, October 29, 2009

gene simmons, a pirate, and batman at my door

these 3 characters showed up on our doorstep this morning.
the pork loin peed in his diaper for sure.
these are the mornings i can never imagine moving away from my family.
i also really loved it when mary (the pirate) came down to show me her new braces a few weeks ago.
it's halloween fever around these parts.
we leave for the scout master's class party at 12:30 on the dot.
my morning will consist of baking pumpkin chococate chip cupcakes and a walk with the pork loin.
and the sun is out.
what a hot dog day;-)


Sue said...

Have fun. I really loved Halloween when my kids lived at home. It's a little less exciting without them...


Emmy said...

Those are quite the costumes indeed! How fun. We have a lot of family that is pretty close now, more so than we have had in a while and are loving it.

Lisa said...

mmm i hope you post the recipe for thoses cookies... It's pumpkin week around here!

The Gist Family said...

OK, the costumes are AWESOME! My question is who did Gene Simmons makeup? What a pro!!!

Amy said...

What a fun day! I love those costumes, they are intense! Only a few more days to go!

Jess said...

Sorry I missed the walk. Maybe tomorrow. Love the costumes on those cute kids!