"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, November 29, 2009

i wore royal blue to church today.

there was also a tri-tip steak sandwich involved in the evening.
extra sauce.
notes to follow.
things i learned at this year's game:
i still get car sick in traffic.
tri-tip sandwiches are better with extra sauce.
glad i learned this the easy way.
by asking.
trend setter, wait and see.
very satisfying.
hot chocolate is better enjoyed when it doesn't burn your tongue.
still haven't learned this lesson completely.
my tongue is not uncomfortably burned, just slightly "cinged."
not enough to affect drinks and food today.
i'll consider that an accomplishment.
quarter backs can say really dumb things in post game interviews.
husbands are happier when their team wins.
i knew this already.
having family and friends to watch your child is priceless.
i should be a MasterCard commercial.
eating pizza at 9:30pm tastes better than at 6pm.
barges root beer is better from the bottle than the fountain.
this is not true for most sodas.
cold weather puts me in a good mood.
i knew this already.
so did you.
the scout master is handsome.
i knew this already too.
as noted previously, the cheerleaders made me want to grow my hair out.
i'm undecided this afternoon.
it's better not to talk about rivalry games at church.
everyone should know this already,
yet every year someone breaks the unspoken rule.
in the foyer.
and the halls.
trust me, it wasn't me.
just saying,
someone did.
i heard them.
walking around cougar stadium for a tri-tip sandwich and multiple bathroom breaks makes me one tired pregnant woman the next day.
i love college football.
especially when my team wins.
jumping up and down, while pregnant, with a full bladder is not recommended.
says me.
the end.


Sue said...

The best I can do is offer reluctant congrats on the victory. As I said on FB, my gang of guys was not pleased.


Emmy said...

So jealous that you were there. I hate when I burn my tongue on hot chocolate, it just makes the rest not as enjoyable.

And I wish Max hadn't said all of that stuff either... I mean I agree with him, but if you can't say anything nice...

If BYU plays in the Vegas bowl, which they probably will, we plan on going. Definitely will go if they play in the Poinsettia bowl in San Diego.

Amy said...

I am so jealous that you were actually there! As the game was winding down, I told Jeffrey that I would have given a great deal to have been there, it would have been so fun! He just looked at me like I was crazy. Not into sports, that one. But I still got to watch it, which was fantastic!