"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, November 30, 2009

lucky 13

things i've noticed in the last week:
1. eating while leaning back is now a key part of any meal.
2. kirkland dryer sheets can easily be confused with ladies perfume or men's cologne.
3. i found brennan's squirt gun in the toilet this morning. AWESOME:-)
4. slouching is just not an option (this makes the scout master pleased).
5. my belly is officially at the perfect size. this is why:
a. people still look at you like,
"oh, what a darling pregnant woman. i think i'll open the door for her."
(as opposed to one month from now when they will say/think, "oh, you look like you're dying.")
b. i feel like i'm pregnant, not carrying around a baby elephant.
c. shirts are now showing a ball, not a lumpy pillow.
6. i am more hungry at breakfast and lunch, and full faster at dinner.
7. if the lights on my christmas tree can be on all day and all evening i can die a happy woman.
8. brennan takes a better nap if he goes to bed at 12:30pm instead of 1pm. why? i do not know.
9. the burning feeling at the back of my throat has returned for pregnancy #2 at the end of the day on a regular basis. i've found that eating muddy buddies and drinking milk cures this ailment. when it's not there i think it's a good idea to still use said remedy,
just in case;-)
10. my bottom may have grown. i'm still undecided.
11. being on a strict budget actually makes the holiday season more enjoyable.
12. my toddler can survive on only 1 hour of tv in the mornings. i don't think i could survive with less than that, but i'm feeling great about getting it down to 1. afternoons are a different story. they depend on how well the toddler can play by himself while i make dinner and if he has had a good nap.
13. "ring around the rosie" is the pork loin's new favorite game. he does the fall down part really well, rolls around, does the worm (no joke, true story), and then hops up signing "more."


Dana said...

Don't fret over the size of your bottom. Being pregnant will automatically make it look smaller than it really is.

Tiff said...

look how cute you are... I love reading your posts, they make me smile! have a graet day and I hope I get to see you guys soon ;-)

Emmy said...

Love your reasons for the belly being the perfect size and I would totally have to concur. Good for you for cutting down on the TV time, always a hard but good thing to do.

Amy said...

I so want to see PL doing the worm. That would be awesome! I love that you are cutting down on the television. It seems since our little one was born tv viewing just skyrocketed for those in the toddler bracket. Sad, but I am still learning the ropes. I hope to get it soon.

Lauren said...

:) yep, the belly is a great size right now! and i had to laugh at #10. We don't have a good full length mirror at our house, so when I was in HMB for thanksgiving and caught a sideways glace I stopped and said, "Holy Cow! Where did that bottom come from!"
Loved this list.

Sue said...

Cute post, Em. I would like to see the loin doing his thing!


Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Your belly is looking soo cute! Your little girl is growing fast these past weeks!

Synergy Girl said...

"Everything you just said is my favorite thing to do...every day..." Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING, but wow...sounds like a snapshot out of my life...!! Since I know your butt SO WELL, I would say, nope...looks the same to me!! haha...Anyways, you are a cutie pregnant girl!!!