"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 18, 2009

how it's gonna be.

this my friends is the look of horror that crossed my face in the shower this morning.
or afternoon.
whenever it was that i finally hauled myself into the cleaning process.
why you ask?
i found my first varicose vein.
on the back of my leg.
to be exact.
order of thoughts that went through my mind:
1. what is that?
2. gasp (this was done out loud)
3. i think it is a varicose vein.
4. thank goodness i don't wear short shorts.
5. does it hurt when i push it?
6. no, it doesn't. thank goodness.
7. wait, will it hurt soon?
8. when will it hurt?
9. dang it. here we go...
10. does this mean i'm going to have "other things" happen this time that didn't happen last time? (vague to spare TMI)
now i'm wishing i wouldn't have showered today.
i could have had one more day of happily believing i had yet again dodged this maternity bullet.
no sir, i have not.
ok Body, so this is how it's gonna be?!
just know that i expect you to do away with it, and any others that may appear, in the next 8 weeks after the little loinette has arrived.
heavens, i was bigger with brennan!
why didn't i get them with him?
why am i getting them now?
will there be more?
Body, it's a good thing you make good looking chubby babies.
it makes it ALL worth it:-).
did walking do this?
too much standing?
too much carrying of the pork loin?
oh dear.
am i making a little loinette to match or marvel the birth weight of the pork loin?
these things are not for the thinking of my mind.
they will be swiftly shoo-ed away.
and replaced with thoughts of my christmas menu.
it's friday.
menu planning, budget organizing, and weekly shopping day.
food sampling day at harmon's and costco.
not varicose vein day.


Jess said...

So sorry you had to come upon that, at least you have very elastic skin, good for the stretch mark department right? p.s. I think I have an idea for the baby shower invites.

Emmy said...

Why do our bodies not do what we want them to? Life would just be so much easier. I haven't suffered those yet (knock on wood), but I did have a hernia for the last month or so when I was pregnant with Alex, and sciatic nerve problems.. ahh the joys ;)

Brooke said...

so these run in my fam. just be happy that you get them from pregnancy and not heredity. they usually go away when due to pregnancy and not so the other way around! my sister had a huge patch of veins pop up in her last pregnancy and they've completely gone away since. oh but I do not want to know what will happen in my next pregnancy. I'm sure it will be different from the dozen new ailments i had from the first!

Sue said...

At least it doesn't hurt! And hopefully, it will go away once all that pressures off of you.

And if not? Battle scars!


Heather said...

I HAVE A TON...yep quite a big thing in our family

bad news for looks but luckily mine don't hurt.

loves to you

keri said...

Been there. Dealt with that. Sucks!