"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the replacement.

i've been to every store within a 30 min radius of my house.
sounds unimpressive, but with a toddler in a coat that naps in the middle of the day it's a small miracle.
i've googled, i've "amazoned."
above is what i was able to gather the week before christmas.
donna, the assistant manager at target, told me i was lucky to find it.
apparently, nativity sets were a "hot item this year."
her words, not mine.
she informed me there are none at target in the entire state of utah.
she checked on her hand held device and showed me.
at least i didn't go to two targets before i found that piece of ditty out.
this one was not from target.
it's hand painted.
and looks absolutely NOTHING like the one brennan
crashed to smithereens.
there's was white.
it was 20 pieces.
with large camels.
there are no camels in this one.
and baby jesus looks a little questionable.
this is not what i wanted.
i hope to deliver it tomorrow.
i've been working on "sorry" with the pork loin.
hopefully it will give the entire episode a little extra touch to win them over.
i used some of my birthday money to buy it.
i'm thinking i should have pulled the funds from brennan's college account.
that's what i really wanted to do.
there was no money left in the budget this week, and the funds had to come from somewhere.
then i thought it was more my fault than his, seeing as i am "the adult" now.
whatever that means.
the scout master takes his FINAL final tomorrow.
i was signed up to bring cookies to the FINAL final party.
"THE" cookies.
so i'm baking tonight.
it's a tasty job.
that requires lot of hand washing with the amount of tasting i do.
what can i say, i love the dough.
i don't eat the cookies.
just the dough.
with a large glass of milk that i refill at least once.
i've heard it does a body good.
my visiting teacher made the news today.
she delivered her baby at home around 1:30am this morning.
she did not plan on a home birth.
her water broke, she hurried to get dressed, and then she realized the baby was coming right then.
9lbs. 3 oz.
one more oz. and she would have had a brennan!
what a champ!
the really crazy part?
this makes 3 for 3 of her children born on dec. 15th.
click here for a 1 min. video clip of the story.
why do "they" clap at the stock exchange when all of the stocks are down???
someone, please explain.
the end.


Emmy said...

Even though the manger might not be the same, the fact that you are going through the effort to buy them another one will mean a lot.

Congrats on the final final! That really is a good day.

Sue said...

That's crazy about your friend. 3 babies with the same birthday is pretty unheard of!

Good luck with the nativity replacement. I think your powers of presentation will save you.


Synergy Girl said...

I love the way your mind works...hahaha!! Sounds like i need to scroll down to see what up about the nativity though!!

Jess said...

Ok- you hit on something that the Schroeder and I were just asking ourselves the other day, why do they clap at the stock exchange at all? It's not like they've been to a play or even a movie for goodness sake, I just don't get it. Sorry that the nativity was such a hard thing to find, hope it all goes well.