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Monday, December 21, 2009

NOTHING done {a small lie}

i think i might be pregnant.
this means three things:
1. Dr. N willing, i will be having a baby in 7 weeks instead of 9, like i did with brennan.
2. i have an excuse to do less (whether or not i take advantage of this is my own joy or demise).
3. my closets are super organized (usually done after the hours of 10pm).
with brennan's arrival due a month later than this one, i had EVERYTHING done by christmas.
except washing the clothes.
i wasn't a believer until the day before my induction in the washing of brand new clothes.
i love the way a new shirt looks.
andrea and bree convinced me i needed to.
i'm still not sure i needed to, but it gave me something to do and completed the nesting process.
funnest 4 loads of laundry of my life.
would my child really have died had i not washed his clothes?
i don't think so.
with this one, due a month earlier than brennan, i have NOTHING done.
ok, that's a lie.
i bought a set of binky's at walmart, a panda paciplushie (you must have this if you have a baby), and a pink coat on sale at the gymboree outlet store for $8.99 (marked down from $36, go me).
i've realized that it makes the time pass much faster this way.
the longer i put off getting ready, the closer and faster the little loinette seems to come.
plus, i've realized that when i bring said child home from the hospital:
a. she won't be sleeping in a crib with perfectly placed bedding for quite some time (please no offense first time moms that are currently pregnant and have done this months ago. i was there. it was necessary to do for the first pregnancy, and it is the BEST feeling to do it. happy nesting!).
b. my boobs and a binky are really all she needs.
(yes, i give my baby a binky before 6 weeks of age. gasp! i do not believe in nipple confusion. i believe in the sanity of a mother to not be used as a binky.)
c. the bouncer and the play mat take under 5 minutes to reassemble from storage.
d. we can pick the car seat up from my mom's garage and install it the night before. until then, i'm using the space in the backseat for my groceries since the trunk is full of strollers.
(what am i going to do with my groceries when i have two carseats in the back???)
as far as the clothes washing, i'm sure i'll do it the week before.
until then, i have no where to put her clothes.
when "then" comes, i may still have no where to put her clothes.
this may take some creative organizing.
today's fears:
1. my body feels like i've already given birth when i wake up in the morning or have been on my feet a lot during the day.
what does this mean for what it will feel like when i actually do give birth?
2. i think i may have found varicose vein #2, just mm's away from varicose vein #1.
does this mean varicose vein #3 is coming too?
in other news...
the scout master has started studying for his board exam.
i still love mondays.
my most productive day.
we are all out of reese's sticks and baby ruths from halloween.
i've moved onto the peanut butter cups and butterfingers.
the peanut butter cups are wonderful (thank you keri).
i don't know why i used to love butterfingers so much.
they crumble all over and aren't nearly as satisfying as something with peanut butter.
halloween candy really is the gift that keeps on giving.
the budget is having a rough week with christmas menu items and two sippy cups breaking.
it's a good thing i had some birthday money left over.
it's just not christmas without the shrimp and baked bri.
worth EVERY penny.
brennan thinks curious george is the funniest thing around.
i give you,
a video clip:


Jess said...

PBS kids is a life saver. Girl child woke up at 6:45 on Sat (never on a school day-that would be criminal) and she tried to get me to wake up early on my one and only day to even kind of sleep in, my solution...PBS kids. She doesn't giggle at George quite like B does though- love that laugh

Hil said...

such a cute video! good luck with all the baby prep. things will work out wonderfully and you will soon have a sweet baby in your arms. it will all be worth it... even the (gasp) varicose veins!

oh and I have agree with you on the whole peanut butter cup thing. heavenly.

Carlson Clan said...

I totally agree about the Binky!! My girls both had binkies in the hospital! They never got confused! They always spit it out when they are hungry!
p.s. kinda funny...the word verification on this comment was 'porke'

Sue said...

He does have the best laugh ever. And I needed to hear one about now.