"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 26, 2009

live for this

this is the stuff i live for.
believe it or not, i got to enjoy him like this for 30 minutes.
best 30 min. of my day.
don't know what i did to deserve it, but i couldn't keep my eyes off of him.
i tried to only kiss him every so often, to avoid smothering.
our wiener dog growing up hated that i kissed the side of his face so much that he would get up and move.
i didn't want the pork loin to get up and move, so i restrained myself.
i love his tummy.
i love his gushy chest.
i love his cabbage patch arms and the dimples on the tops of his hands.
i love the day after christmas.


Fiauna said...

Those precious moments are the ones you'll never regret. Enjoy him.

Jess said...

Really though- how could you not love THAT, he is so gushy and adorable. I love the snuggle moments, sadly they get less frequent the older they get. So gush away while he still allows it.
miss you btw, we need to catch up- soon

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

this is so sweet. i love it! Merry Christmas!!!

Sue said...

What a great little guy he is. I say...Go for the gusto and gush him all you want!


Amy said...

He is so precious. Just gush him all you can. They grow up too fast and decide that they are too big for ti too soon.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Aren't they the greatest! I love my little chunky monkeys! They are so fun to cuddle!

Emmy said...

So sweet and yes this is what makes it all worth it

**Amanda** said...

This pic melts my heart :)

Gilbert Family said...

True love