"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 24, 2009

this means this.

this means:
the pre-christmas day baking.
1. sweet potatoes (ryan tradition)
2. ham rolls (ryan tradition)
3. egg casserole (christmas morning breakfast, gibson fam tradition)
except i'm short cream cheese and cheddar cheese.
still don't know how this happened.
my list was meticulous.
oh well.
sent the scout master to the store.
as we speaketh he's fighting the christmas eve crowds at the grocery store.
ok, maybe it's not that dramatic.
good thing i figured this out at 9:30am, not 9:30pm.
bless him.
pork loin is crying at the door b/c he got left behind with me.
i think i'll try to wrestle some clothes on him while dad is gone.
i can smell his diaper from here.
his hives are gone this morning.
or lessened.
did i mention he made quite the spectacle scratching himself "THERE" at the aquarium yesterday?
all i could do was laugh...
and think of michael jackson.
b/c brennan looked like he was doing one of mj's dance moves to scratch.
merry christmas:-)


Sue said...

Merry Christmas to you...Glad Brennan is feeling better now.


Jess said...

So Brennan is a baseball player in the making huh? glad the rash is cleared up so that won't be in the Christmas morning pictures :)
Merry Christmas

Emmy said...

Lol! Hope you are having a wonderful wonderful Christmas.