"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 8, 2010

the cocktail

Makenzie Maxine Gibson
7lbs. 14oz.
18 inches
the st. mark's cocktail:
been craving it since i had brennan.
cranberry juice, orange juice, sprite.
tried to make it, but have never gotten it right.
have to keep having babies to get it.
i'm sold.
thanks to jen, no hospital booties for me.
would you look at those heart gems on the side!
mom brought me pho.
vietnamese soup.
i wore this home from the hospital when i was born.
max had her hospital photo shoot in it today.
i love her puppy dog face.
and george castanza hair.
missing my brennan.
no one under 14 can come visit.
the infamous Dr. N.
3 cheers for him.
and nurse jackie.
mama C. if this face doesn't exude "max," i don't know what else does.
LOVE this pic of sean's mom.
nursing contractions are not so awesome,
but the nursery is WAY awesome:-)


Sue said...

I must be getting old as mold. Your doctor and nurse look like they're in college to me.



PS. Max is adorable.

Dana said...

Congratulations mama!! Max is a beauty! Your cocktail makes me laugh. My SIL is just like you, wanting to have more babies just for the drink...because she can't get it just right at home. I think I can live without it, though; having babies is tough! I don't envy your nursing cramps, either. With grace and composure, I birthed Zachary naturally: no drugs, no epi. I was so proud of myself! Then the nursing cramps hit and I was frantic for Motrin. What's up with that!? Enjoy your new little bundle!

Gilbert Family said...

im so glad the nursing is going well. looks like yummy food!!! it tore me apart when my son couldnt come to the hospital to see us. hope it wasnt horrible for you. she is so lovely! you make cute babies :)
ps: i hope you dont mind i posted about her on my blog.

Danny, Jen, Kadee, Kambrie and Lillian said...

LOL... I am so so so jealous of the cocktail... but I think I can wait awhile to have another one. I did drink my very fair share of them when I had Lillian. And, the booties... they look GREAT on those cute feet of yours. I must say that Max looks like she is super chill... I hope she stays that way. My favorite pic was the one with the soup... and the Lamosil in the backround... lol... yep, nursing... those contractions were so wierd, but can I say that I for one LOVED the way nursing felt... be it creepy if it sounds that way. I loved it. It felt awesome. But, I only could do it for a week, so I didn't get the chance to get the sore sore nips... probably why it felt so good. :) And to top all of the wonderful hospitalness off... you get to send them away and get some sleep!

beck said...

Why don't I remember the nursing cramps/contractions? Maybe they had me on enough pain meds? Maybe due to my retained placenta and the d&c I didn't have to experience tons of that stuff (definitely skipped the bleeding issues). I guess maybe I'll discover them the next time around. I'm sure it will be a totally new experience. So how is it falling in love all over again? Are you totally in heaven, minus the pain. I sure hope things go better this time around in the nursing department for you. You are definitely the wiser and better for your experiences. Seems like you've helped a lot of grateful mommas. When I see Max I just want to squeeze her! A-freakin-dorable! Love ya! We made a drink like that at the restaurant at BYU years ago. Yum! I loved having food whenever I felt like it, unlimited ice cream, fruit and juice! Definitely missed the "at your service" treatment when we got home. Bummer Brennan can't be there. We could have anyone and they just asked they not be sick. Gavin got to go with us to see his cousin Jacey when he was 3 months old. Soon enough!

Amy said...

What a beauty! And I am with you, the nursing contractions are almost as bad as the real thing. Ooch how they hurt. But those are some mighty sweet booties, I have to tell you. Glad everyone is doing well. And I have an award for you.

Emmy said...

So fun to see these pictures. And her name is adorable.

Hastings Family said...

Love the cocktail! After Liv I have decided I HAVE to figure out how to make it just as good at home. All the pictures are adorable!

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Love the name, we thought about Mackenzie for Kennedy because we liked the nickname Kenzy, but we decided on Kennedy and like it just as much.. and I suppose we could still use Kenzy if we wanted to.. but mostly she is missy may, and sissy, and sissifus! CONGRATS ON THE BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!

Fiauna said...

And nursing contractions get worse with every child. Did you no that? I found out a little too late. Yikes!

Jess said...

So much fun to have visitors, cocktails and a pretty new baby. Can't wait until I'm un-sick so I can come see your pink gushy baby in person!