"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 12, 2010

i was rude.

i was rude to the sean around 5:30am this morning.
dang it.
i was so tired.
lame excuse.
i was annoyed that kinz was fed and changed, but unable to keep her Binky in.
so what did sean do?
yell at me and roll over to sleep?
"you're being really rude, and it's annoying." (sean)
of course, like any mature adult i replied, "well you're annoying me too."
"what am i doing?" (sean)
"i don't know, you just are."
(b/c he wasn't doing anything, i just wanted to be bratty)
so he gave me a kiss, picked kinz up, and rocked her in the recliner until 6:30am.
luckiest girl on the block.
both of us.
and then i grovelled this morning and gave him a REALLY big smile.
he smiled back and gave me a kiss.
i think i got off too easy.
which makes me want to try harder to NOT be rude tonight.
b/c being rude is lame.
especially b/c you are tired.
in other news...
after 3 years of high school spanish i'm pretty positive i am not saying that grammatically correct, but you get ma' drift.
i completely forgot how many diapers newborns go through.
the pork loin stayed in 1 diaper for 7 hours yesterday purely b/c i didn't even think to change his.
in my mind i felt like i had changed it.
note to self: when newborn poops, wait 5 min. b/c 9 times out of 10 there is more on the way.
we are officially set up for skype, and i officially have no clue what i am doing.
also, ann geddes called.
we told her thanks, but no thanks.


Sue said...

Oh, poor Ann...She is missing out on her best subject ever.


Emmy said...

Yeah for leche!!!

And yes, baby poops are frequent and deadly :)

And I think Sean has already forgiven you.. it really is hard to be so tired.

Proudfeet said...

I love these babies of yours! Cannot wait to see them next week! So glad you two have rekindled! And just in time for the love day!

Ali said...

HI!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats!!!!! And you are glowing and beautiful!

I remember those snappy days... no sleep is torture.

Jess said...

Love the giant bows, and I hope you have a less tired night and maybe less rude flowing through the veins in the pre-dawn hours

Fiauna said...

It's perfectly okay to be rude for the next two months. And then it has to stop. But until then, don't kick yourself for kicking hubby; he'll get over it.

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

I think this is the best apology picture ("look how cute I am, and look at this beautiful little girl I made") You are adorable! :)