"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"SNS" a.k.a. operation leche

my boobs are not working yet.
i told this to dr. N this morning.
he smiled with his eyes and said lots of nice things that successfully placed him in the
"all knowing god of understanding women" category.
the scout master is there too.
for rubbing my back and catering to my every need.
little miss max thinks colostrum is a waste of her time.
thank goodness for evil formula.
i say this b/c i used to think it was evil, but now i have an entirely new perspective and am grateful for the support it is giving me until my milk arrives.
the kind that comes in little small tubes to sneak into baby's mouth while she is sucking colostrum.
SNS is what they call it.
"supplemental nursing system"
so i put aside my fears and discriminatory thoughts towards formula.
she's healthy.
i'm healthy.
her name, i adore.
her lips, her puppy dog nose and eyes, her pretty hair.
i thought it was strawberry blonde, but now it's sandy blonde.
and her toes that are as long as fingers!
they could curl around a tree branch.
really, they're that long.
operation: WAIT for milk.
max's weight was down more than 10% last night, so this tiny little tube goes into her mouth while she nurses.
oh boy, does she LOVE it!!!
i keep telling her, the BEST is yet to come.
just wait for the real deal little missy:-)
tick tock tick tock tick tock...


Emmy said...

Hope it all works soon.. I haven't had any problems with that yet.. knock on wood for the third one.

Gilbert Family said...

we totally had to do that too. im glad i used it. it helped a lot. i was worried the baby wasnt getting enough and the sns seemed to fill her up. im glad. keep it up! shes adorable. her weight will go up in no time

Kelsie Henrichsen said...

Em, I can never read one of your post without laughing! You are so cute and such a great mom! Can't wait to come down and meet her! :)

Proudfeet said...

Ok she is a keeper! What a little doll face!! Cannot wait to meet her next week! You tell me the day!

Sue said...

You'll be dripping and spraying in no time!


PS. I love her name, too.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

She is beautiful. It is so hard when you want to breast feed and it seems as though they are constantly hungry.. and so you have to supplement, I never tried that, but I guess I didn't have issues with it not coming in for days, I was always basically leaking before they came, but my babies were hungry ones! She will be so excited when she gets the real deal! Good luck!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Okay Em...I really truly hope it works out for you soon! From a perspective from the other side, I am so grateful for the blessing formula was for me...with a 5 week early baby, and a 2 1/2 week delay of bringing her home, it made it impossible for me to breastfeed; especially with the amount of stress that happens after not being able to hold, touch, our talk to our baby when we were able to see her(depending on who was her nurse). Believe me, I was more than disappointed. Especially after "investing" more than $600 in the equipment, books, and supplements to do so. So, I guess that while formula is evil to you, it saved me mentally during that difficult time. Not everyone can be lucky enough to breastfeed, even though I desperately wanted to. :(

Fiauna said...

It'll come. And when it does, watch out . . .

beck said...

Sue-you're hilarious!
Levi and Katie Hansen (I'm assuming Katie commented)-I totally agree, although my opinion doesn't come from the same experience. Some people just don't make the milk period. For me it was a baby that started refusing to breast feed at 8 months, and after fighting it with him I finally switched to formula and it has be a true blessing!

Katie said...

One less thing to stress about? Woohoo!

Jen said...

Em, she is beautiful! I just want to hold her! Congratulatons!