"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 18, 2010

and the giraffe ROARED!!! or was it growling???

the pork loin ended up looking like christmas by the end of the day, because he sat in dog poop in his jeans.
the red pants were the only thing available after the incident occured, and i just didn't feel like changing him.
over corned beef and cabbage gigi and i discussed the sound a giraffe makes.
neither of us could come up with a sound.
we had gone through every animal sound in brennan's zoo cart.
but when we got to the giraffe...well...
what sound DOES the giraffe make???
brennan growled.
i figured that was a pretty good try and gave him the thumb's up.
b/c don't all animals growl?
the giraffe must.
i guess birds don't growl.
but big animals growl.
or roar.
then there's the whale.
it mostly moans.
but the giraffe.
have you ever heard a giraffe make ANY kind of a sound?
i never learned about it at school.
not that school should be a measuring stick for knowledge in every case.
or in most cases.
i've never heard a giraffe make a noise at the zoo.
it usually just stands there and sticks out it's black tongue.
i'll bet i could google it.
in other st. patrick's day festivities...
gigi was ravishing in her green with max.
i secretly wanted her bracelet. and her cooking is always something to talk about.
isn't that a bonnie rait song?
really, why do i only eat corned beef and cabbage on st. patrick's day???
i forget how juicy and tender corned beef is.
i love it.
it's delicious!
and the cabbage.
i didn't even know i liked cabbage.
actually, i thought i hated it.
due to a cabbage soup diet ann marie and i did in high school.
cabbage soup for breakfast and lunch.
potato for dinner.
soup for breakfast in the summer.
soup for breakfast any time.
what were we thinking???
17 years old and bikini season.
that's what we were thinking.
oh thank you 27 years old.
you are much nicer to my mind and body.
it smelled good at first.
it tasted good the first bowl.
then, it started tasting not so good.
made me hate cabbage.
until yesterday.
b/c now i like it again.
well, i do.
or maybe i just love the way gigi does it.
that's usually the case.
and mercy, don't forget about the green jello.
i think it's some sort of state food in utah.
really, there was a pin for green jello that they made during the 2001 slc olympics.
they're serious about their jello here.
but what about the giraffe???


Sue said...

I haven't got a giraffe noise, but I do have a small crush on your cute gigi. (My husband's mom went by gigi, too. She even looked kinda like yours.)

Without the Irish, of course.


Jennifer Lucita said...

I did the cabbage soup diet with my mom when I was in Jr. High. I lost 11 pounds in 4 days. Awesome results, except for the part where I binged on whatever I could get my hands on after those 4 days. I was starving and like you, hated cabbage for years after. and I gained all the weight back fairly quickly.

My co-worker said he thought a giraffe sounded similar to a deer. I have no idea what a deer sounds like though... :)

Proudfeet said...

So so festive! Looks delicious! We made French food, as I am French not Irish. But I would have gladly celebrated with that!

Synergy Girl said...

Oh man...I MISS CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE!!! I am just TOO darn lazy to make it myself, and my mom lives just TOO darn far away to make it for me!! We did have "backwards dinner" Green eggs, green pancakes and ham...that'll do I guess...

As far as the giraffes go...thanks. Now I am gonna have to google the darn thing cause that is an interesting question indeed...!!

Synergy Girl said...


Thought I would share...haha!!

Jess said...

Even though I am quite irish, I hate-loathe even, corned beef and cabbage. I can hear them disowning me now.

Bree said...

i love you, but i really only believe those who did not "grow up" in utah believe jello is a utah staple....i mean, we NEVER have green jello. NEVER!

on cabbage related news...i make a mean gyuamki (polish stuffed cabbage) DELICIOUS i tell you...it's the only time i like cooked cabbage.

and i have no idea what noise a giraffe makes-i think it's more like a screech than a growl

Amy said...

I have often wondered about the giraffe. If you figure it out, let me know, please.

I love St. Patty's Day food. Oh so good. It is true, it should be eaten more often.

Emmy said...

Beautiful picture of Gigi and max, that will be one you will cherish forever.

And yeah, I have no idea on the giraffe.