"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 20, 2010

tinsle town

i'm nursing a popcorn and mr. pibb hangover this morning.
we took max to her first big girl movie last night.
as you can see, she thought it was riveting.
we saw the blind side.
it made me wish i was from the south.
and had a southern accent.
oh what i would have given to have a southern accent in high school.
it would have been so darn cute.
i had to settle for pom poms instead.
one peep from max at the end of the show was all that occured, which a binky and a little rocking of the car seat fixed.
it was really fun.
fun b/c we did something that we could have never done with brennan.
fun b/c i felt extra grown up.
fun b/c it was out of the house!
fun b/c it could have been a disaster.
but it wasn't.
it was a success.
and sometimes facing the little fears is what it's all about.
the scout master opened both of his ladies' doors.
i felt extra special:-)
note to the gods of physical therapy job hiring:
please let us have a job offer soon.
so we can make some money.
and buy new cell phones.
with cameras that work.
but we'll still go to the dollar movies.
b/c why pay $8 when you can pay $2.
but next time we'll sneak our own drinks in.
but not the popcorn b/c microwave popcorn is just not the same as movie popcorn.
big thanks to cousin ashley for babysitting the pork loin at such late notice.
we love you!!!


Jess said...

I love the big purse for the movie treats, it's the only time I carry one really. Glad you had a fun date night!

The Jackson Family said...

Heck, I've sneaked in a teriyaki chicken wrap on more than one occasion ;)

Buckeye Nut said...

Diaper bags are wonderful....no one ever questions what is in there. Mmmmm, jelly belly's, Snickers, dad's cookies....need I go on. Oh, I guess there might actually be a clean diaper and some wipes but you'll have to look closely. j/k.

BTW, I love all of Max's cute lil hair accessories :) Wish I had done more of them with Zoe and Emma. Zoe won't let me put anything in her hair now even if I paid her.

Sue said...

We always sneak in food, too. Usually candy, but sometimes more...

I have a big purse.


CJ Sime said...

I can't believe I have been reading your blog forever and I didn't know your husband is a PT. My husband is graduating next year!

beck said...

praying to the PT gods for you too. I know you don't want to venture to northern cali but we know of 2 possibly three opportunities in the chico area. Ryan just got a call from an old co-worker when he was at Enloe and the guy opened his own clinic a year ago and is booming and needs another therapist. Maybe you have to move away for now but can end up back in Utah? I hope he finds something soon! There is demand out there but you might have to look other places.

Fiauna said...

You're so cute. You make me smile.

Amy said...

Feeling your prayers for us, and praying for you. Job searching is the worst! though I am hoping he gets something here in UT. That would be the best, wouldn't it?
And I am amazed you were able to take her to the movie with you. Amazed and jealous.