"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 19, 2010


this morning i got stuck in the automated options of a government office.
by some small miracle, i actually wove my wave through the correct path of menu options.
at least i think i did.
how can you really know that pushing 2, 4, 5, and 1 again b/c you think you fit into one of the categories they've just listed is the right selection?
i'm always hoping there's a push zero option to talk to a REAL person.
do they exist?
so i'm stuck in the menu options.
finally find my way through.
feeling really proud that i've managed to classify my situation into their vague menu options.
taking 10 whole minutes that i could have used to unload my dishwasher.
only to find out that when i got to the right place,
they're closed.
b/c it's friday.
and in utah on friday all state offices are closed.
curse you 4 day work week.
and your automated menu options.
at least it's friday:-)
wait, wasn't that the problem?
in other news...
it's snowing here this morning.
so i got out max's boots.
b/c dang it, i spent $20 out of our budget on them when i was pregnant.
how did i reason that was ok?
i just hope they fit next fall too.

every girl needs boots to go with her skinny pants;-) BAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!


Sue said...

The boots are great. and I have a feeling they will indeed fit next fall.


Emmy said...

Yeah makes me wish I still worked for the state, 4 day work weeks would be nice :)

Amy said...

Oh that bow! So beautiful! And you got snow this morning? Crazy!

Jess said...

Those boots are super cute, I'll bet they fit in the fall too!