"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


my neighbor is my mechanic.
i've always been leery of mechanics.
those jiffy lube guys always look at me like their going to take me for the entire farm.
they hand me the sheet of things that need to be done, telling me it's necessary i fix items a, b, and c.
i have no idea.
at first i had them fix it all.
this was when my parents were still paying for my life.
then i had them fix some.
this was before we had kids and we both had jobs.
and a savings account with no real budget.
although, i still think we should have had a budget.
everyone needs a budget.
other wise you turn out like paris hilton.
then i had them only change the oil and asked sean what we really needed done.
now, i call john.
not only is he honest, but he gives better customer service than nordstrom's.
my car battery broke.
died (like REALLY died) 3 weeks ago.
he installed a new one in my driveway.
in the pouring rain.
my car needs an oil change this morning and the registration inspections completed.
he's sending a driver to come pick up my car.
"leave the keys under the mat."
that's what he said.
changing my oil.
doing the tests.
and sending my car back.
this can't be for real.
when i ask him why he's so great?
"you don't want to take 2 kids to the shop."
no, i don't.
but is this for real?
yes my friends, it is.
so if you live in the salt lake valley, i can't promise the drive up service.
but i can promise you'll get the best price and honest service for your cars.
he tells me all of the tricks other mechanics use to steal your money.
don't risk it folks!
call john at RAY'S.
b/c a good mechanic is like a good OB.
priceless, lol.
in other news...

i don't usually wash them.
but then i read this on the label.
i don't know what sulfur dioxide is.
but i do know what fungicide is.
and it doesn't sound like i want sulfur dioxide on my grapes.
but i may be wrong.
i washed them anyway.


Snarky Belle said...

I've missed you.
You make me laugh.
I appreciate that.

Sue said...

I wish I lived near John the mechanic!

No such luck. But I do wash my grapes.


Tiff said...

Good idea on washing the grapes! It's crazy the things they put on fruits and veggies!

I used to need a John... I have had bad luck with my mechanics. Now the hubs has turned mechanic!

Glad you liked the head~band I sent, hope it fits! Also thx for the good vibes on the baby business! ;-)

Jess said...

Good call on washing the SO2 off of the grapes- it's really not that good for you (not kill you harmful- but you know not great). I don't usually buy grapes- our vine has spoiled us, and the store ones just don't taste as good. and John is so wonderful- love that man, in a very platonic and neighborly way

Amy said...

I want a John! You are so lucky. And I used to not wash grapes, but one day I put them in a bowl of water while I was working, and when I went back to them the water was a really gross brown color. I still don't always wash them now, but I sure do more than I did before.

Emmy said...

One of my husband's coworkers ended up opening up a repair shop and we loved it! We always knew where we could take our cars and would have an honest mechanic, and he gave us great deals.