"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i pitty the fool!

when you're 2.

sis. beck & elder ballard are my fav's so far.
of course, no big suprise with their topics being on women and motherhood.
we're halfway through our dvr of the first session.
i think we're going to get behind.
but i like being able to watch off and on.
what did i do before dvr???
i pitty the fool!
and the fool was me, lol.


*MARY* said...

I woke up at 11, so I missed the first half, and I don't have a DVR (I'm a super fool). Guess I just have to wait for the Ensign.

Sue said...

At least the pork loin is letting you listen! That's pretty good, right?

I've really enjoyed it so far and am just on my way to listen to the second session in my LR.

(Love watching at home!)


Dani said...

Hey! Happy Easter to you too! Check out the giveaway on my blog, Dani's Daily Drop - I'm giving away a beanbag chair! http://danisdailydrop.blogspot.com/2010/04/friendly-friday-friendly-enough.html

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

And, I forgot to say when I first looked at the last pic, it looked like Donald Trump on your TV:)

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

One day we will have a house where we can get a satalite signal so we CAN DVR...grr! Don't even get me started on that failed attempt!
But, in happier news...I love how Brennan is keeping himself pre-occupied with Play-Dough!

Emmy said...

Yes conference was great this year! I haven't heard Sister Beck's yet as we were at the city Easter egg hunt, but we DVR'd it, is that a word?

Amy said...

You got to listen? So jealous! That is what I am going to be doing all week during nap time.