"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tutu me shower

tonight, brennan taught me how the shower works.
he stuck his dimpled cabbage patch fingers up the tub faucet,
and i sat there watching the shower pully thing go up and down, up and down.
and then it hit me.
i'm an idiot.
or at least, i'm a product of the 21st century who has mostly never cared to think about how things work.
the convenience of things.
like simple machines in showers.
like how that little nossel probably blocks off the water pipe to the tub, sending it up the pipe to the shower spout and out at me.
why have i not thought of this before?
seriously, it's ridiculous that i was feeling as if this were some sort of life changing moment.
but that was exactly the reaction i had.
like some sort of super nova had just exploded in my brain.
sitting with my legs crossed, hunched over the tub, blowing bubbles at my 2 yr old in the bath.
in other news...
i'm officially in love.
funny how it takes time.

i love the look in her eyes.
it takes my breath away.
i hope she will learn quickly what an amazing little woman she is.
and not be afraid to let it all shine.
these eyes are nice too:-)
mercy, i'm a sucker for that blue, striped shirt.
big thanks to grandma sandie (gram) for the tutu outfit.
all of my dress up dreams have come true, lol.


Ali said...

You are an incredibly lucky woman! They are all so beautiful!

Again - having girl-child envy. Think I am too old for a tutu?

Sue said...

If she's anything like her mom, she will shine.


Emmy said...

We wonder why kid are so full of energy and life... but every little thing to them is new; they are always discovering, always exploring.. it is like when we go some place new that we are really excited about, this is daily life for them. The eyes of a child really can show us a whole new world.

Amy said...

You are so funny. But discovering things for the first time is always exciting. And what long skinny legs she has! And the tutu is adorabble. I thought it was something for when they get older, but you just proved me wrong happily.

Jess said...

I love the tutu- It's just like I imagined the ones that I want to make. She's super cute in those pictures. And I think it's so awesome that tender loin taught you something