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Saturday, February 27, 2010

PHANTOM TOE & fever hair.

fever hair
(pre-chocolate milked child)
ovaltine people, chocolate milk is ovaltine.

the pork loin was up all night with a fever, wet cough, labored breathing, and runny nose.
it's NOT rsv.
i thought it was.
i'm glad it's not.
he's been swabbed.
right in the nostrils.
it's bronchiitis (brawn-key-I-tis).
they tell me it's different from brawn-KI-tis b/c the KEY version is in the kiddies.
it's croupy, it's snotty.
and it's messed up the pork loin's nap.
i lysoled my house this morning and started the laundry.
this kid has cleaner sheets than oprah.
she likes them changed every other day.
he's had them changed 4 days in a row.
the bulb sucker has rejoined our clan.
lucky little loin.
unlucky little nostrils.
and then there's PHANTOM TOE.
when max was born i had 5-10 seconds of thinking she only had 4 toes on each foot.
in fact, i ran through the thoughts in my mind and had concluded that 4 toes was okay b/c you don't really need the pinky toe.
maybe she would even get a discount on pedicures with one less pinky toe on each side.
really, these were my exact thoughts.
see what i mean:
1, 2, 3, 4
no discounts for her after all.
the sneaky little thing curls around and hides under the rest.
they may even charge extra if it doesn't straighten itself out.
so darling, i can hardly stand it;-)
both sides, too.
in other news...
mama C woke up to tsunami warning sirens at 6am this morning.
she called me very calmly to let us know they were going up to higher ground and asked what i thought she should bring.
i told her water.
i can't believe i forgot to mention chapstick.
more to report later.


Jess said...

So sad that tenderloin is sick,I hope he gets better soon. Love baby toes most of all, they are one of the tastiest parts of a baby. Keep us all posted on the Mama/tsunami situation

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Ahh no fun bronchitis. Kennedy has it now too. that little toe is so dang cute, she is adorable.

Katie said...

Booo for sick toddlers. Poor guy and poor you.

Love the little toes. Just truly adorable.

Sue said...

At least it's not RSV! Hope he gets well VERY soon.


PS. And that the baby catches...NONE of it.

Amy said...

Oh your poor little boy! I hope he gets better so soon. You don't need a sick little boy and a new born at the same time. I hope your sanity stays intact, and that it isn't passed to anyone.
What cute little toes! And I hope your mother is safe!

Emmy said...

Hope he gets better soon :(
And hey, just think of the the tricks she can play on people with her disappearing toe :)