"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 10, 2010

something organic like that

25th percentile.
say what?
she's full when she finishes!
is she ok???
failing to thrive!!??
these were the thoughts that went through my mind.
and my freezer full of breast milk.
i've never had a child that was 25th percentile for anything!
i think i scored in the 25th percentile for my state science scores when california started testing all of us in high school.
i never did well on those state exams.
or the SAT's for that matter.
"not a good test taker."
that's what i was labeled.
Dr. Lynch assures me she is just a delicate pixie.
a healthy small little thing.
a 10lb thing.
but it still took me 20 minutes of checking, double checking, and triple checking for the doc to convince me 25th percentile can be healthy.
i'm used to 98th percentile PORK LOIN!
25th percentile is starving children in africa!
then came the infamous 8 week shots.
if we thought max couldn't cry,
she proved us wrong at her 8 week appointment.
oh boy, did she give them a good scream after they poked her.
in other news...
BOTH of our children have marked their "territory" on our carpet.
scout master's fault this time, not mine;-)
oh how good THAT feels.
i'm liberated!!!

and the most EXCITING news of all!!??!!
i cut open this pepper for our pizza last night.
and it was SEEDLESS and cluster free!!!!!!!!!!!
i blinked 4 or 5 times and pinched myself to make sure i wasn't dreaming.
it's true folks.
and i wouldn't believe it unless i had opened it myself.
so it's a good thing i did.
b/c it was the most glorious moment of my pepper cutting life.
no disgusting cluster seeds.
glory be!
disregard the mold.
we're going organic.
actually we're not, but it makes me feel really cool to say "we're going organic."
have you heard of this water? bling water

it has fancy jewels on the outside of the bottle.
and costs $200 a case or something like that.
really, it's true, i've seen them.
just like the seedless cluster free pepper.
if i were friends with oprah, i'd ask her to buy me some.

then i'd turn the bottle into wall art.
or something organic like that.
just saying;-)


Camillia said...

Max was 3rd percentile for weight and 97th for height for the longest time... his doc said he's healthy and it just in his genes... after all, take a look at his parents. :) I have people tell me quite a bit that he looks too skinny... GAH! I just tell them to call the doc themselves if they have a problem AND the kid eats nonstop!

beck said...

Dude I'd be grateful because after carrying around the beast that Gavin is I want a lightweight! They tend to crawl sooner and even if they don't they're much easier to carry around.

Kindra said...

I love the picture of Max, it looks like she's saying "It wasn't me that peed on the carpet" and I think it's hillarous that that bling water is out of stock, seriously that many people accutally but that stuff!!!

Emmy said...

At least she is on the charts and doing good. I had a friend her child was consistently in about the 4th percentile... but yeah I am used to off the chart kids too, so I think I would be freaking out a bit.

And that pepper is really amazing.

Proudfeet said...

The pepper truly is a miracle! What a dream! COuld that little lady be any cuter? Petit and all!

Sue said...

Never liked getting those shots. My kids were always cranky for two days.


PS. She is a lovely petite girl. Of course. What else would "Max" be? heehee

Amy said...

For 25% she still looks deliciously chubby. And you gotta love the chub.
Mine was weighed yesterday and the doctor asked if she was getting straight cream. I assured her it is only breastmilk and nothing more. Made me feel good.
Did you buy the pepper as a seedless? That is awesome for you!
How goes the job hunt? Good luck with it!