"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 18, 2010

14 serves 3 here

every week we make it the way the box says.
every week we get the same amount.
i like mine golden brown and gooey in the center.
the gooier, the better.
just don't give me one all the way cooked.
it's just not as exciting.
but the box says we are supposed to get 14 out of it.
and we get 3.
granted they want you to make them smaller than a floppy disk,
and we like them to rim the plate.
kinda like how i went to the store last night for bananas and milk, but came back with everything i needed to make dinner for a week.
and Popsicles b/c we were out.
and even though it wasn't "on my list,"
it was "on the list" in my head.
the running one that is constantly adding and removing items.
the one that i cannot accurately remember every item on every time i go,
which is why it is ever adding and removing.
it would be much easier to just write it down,
but then i would have to commit it to the list.
it's so much more of a "sus" when it's not "on my list."
kind of like getting 3 pancakes when you're supposed to get 14.
wait, i dont' think it's the same...


Jess said...

I have a love/hate with my mental lost, for I can never remember the most important item when I'm out, but those random things pop right into my little head- grrr

Emmy said...

I never get as many as they say either. Not to your extreme though :)

Amy said...

The mental list. No matter how often I repeat it in my mind, I inevitably forget something very important. And then my bad habit of impulse buying makes me forget what I went in for in the first place.