"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 22, 2010

eyes that blink "budget"

went shopping tonight after the kids were in bed.
the shopping part.
found a red shirt for family pictures on saturday.
tried on a pair of jeans.
didn't know my size.
picked a pair too big.
felt better than trying a pair too small.
i told the girl in the store it had been awhile since i had shopped.
when she asked me how long it had been,
i said 2 years.
she looked at me like i was crazy.
i sounded crazy to me, so it was a fair look.
then as i was trying everything on i thought,
"really, has it been that long?"
really, it HAS been that long.
which may not be long for some,
but it's an accomplishment for me.
and it feels really great.
to not shop.
and then to shop with a set of brand new shopping eyes.
the kind that blink "budget" in the reflection.


Tiffany said...

Haha!! I got that from a sales girl a few months back...it's been years for me!! Had no idea what size I was either!;)

Amy said...

I absolutely love how you put that! "the kind that blink 'budget' in the reflection." So awesome. And good for you for going 2 years! That is amazing.

Katie said...

GEEZ LOUISE! TWO YEARS?! I was shocked too. You go girl.

Sue said...

Good for you, Em! I am always amazed and impressed by how budget conscious you are now.


The Jackson Family said...

Yay for picking a too big pair first ;)

beck said...

remember our trip to tj maxx when you were out here last year? that was with kids in tow though. I don't think I'd make it a month without shopping. Target is my home away from home. You definitely have some good self control! Crazy opposite way of thinking compared to those college days! Yay for you! Don't you love when you end up being a smaller size than you are! Had that for the first time after I FINALLY lost the baby weight. It was rewarding, but even better has been being able to fit into old clothes that I didn't think I could. I have a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime.