"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, July 19, 2010


with brennan i remember reading that you have to feed them all of the vegetables BEFORE any of the fruits.
or else they won't eat the fruits.
we're eating them in whatever order we feel like this time.
the sweet potatoes have max in NEED of bananas, if ya' get ma' drift.
maybe some rice cereal too.
because really, before "the books" mother's MUST have been at a lost for raising children.
they couldn't have POSSIBLY known what was good without an EXACT way to do everything.
babies MUST have starved.
and been neglected.
or maybe there's more than one way to do things.
wait, THERE'S an idea!!!
max is headed for her dermotologist consult today up at the big PCH.
let's hope this one goes better than the last.


T!FF said...

The pic of the two of them together is adorable. You guys have mini-me's! It's crazy how much Brennan looks like Sean and how much Max looks like you!

Sue said...

Hope all goes well. And boy, does she look like her mom!


Tiffany said...

Seriously, your kids look like little dolls! Just adorable!

The Jackson Family said...

I thought the rule was to feed them veggies before fruits because if you did it the other way around, they won't eat the veggies? I didn't follow it either though and now Tyler can't get enough applesauce.

Mrs. D said...

sending good thoughts today, xo

beck said...

yes learning there so many different ways to do things. My doc was the one who said veggies first, not a book though. He said yellow veggies first, which again, is different than some opinions out there. It does make me wonder if that is why Gavin doesn't like juice, because I encouraged veggies. I'm good with a water and milk kid. Plus don't they say parenting is basically trial and error?

Lisalulu said...

so so so so cute, and you can see they love their mama!

Lauren DC said...

So Darling-- I love Max's big smile and bright eyes-- so precious.
I had been doing rice cereal... Tried carrots Sat. ended up at the Dr. today I was so worried about all the gas and ahem. he was having-- not normal. Turns out it is teething-- who knew teething could do all of that? certainly not me!
I was going to do the veggies then fruits thing, but the little baby food jars are screaming for me to give Carson fruit... and so I just might! Esp. after the carrots...

Amy said...

Ha! I followed the books with Keith and have just been winging it with Faye. Funny how strict we are with the first, and how lax with the rest.