"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

peed upon.

if you leave your toddler in their swim diaper,
feed them dinner,
and an entire bottle of Gatorade,
then go to feed your baby,
still not changing your toddler,
he WILL pee,
he WILL leak (or "EAK" as he may say) all down his legs and onto your treadmill and carpet.
you may clean it up with wipes,
only to find wet spots later on as you are feeding your baby.
you may wonder if the baby is wet from her own pee,
or if she has been peed upon.
i am still not sure.
both have been changed and re-diaper-ed.
it's 8:49pm and both of the children are asleep.
i am tired.
and it was a really funny night.
why does the pork loin only pee on the carpet when the scout master is scouting?


Emmy said...

Let's just assume it's her pee :)

Sue said...

I'm with Emmy. It's bettet that way...


Jess said...

It' one of those things, that husbands never get the chance to witness- the children always save those special things just for you mom.

Amy said...

And the treadmill. Your poor treadmill has been through a lot! And assuming it is your daughter's pee is more comfortable than thinking it is from someone else.