"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 11, 2010

we almost didn't make it.

i had a great idea.
take the kids to a baby shower.
this was not the original plan.
but, sean's grandpa was taken to the hospital, so i had the kids.
i was already dressed.
cute and all.
gift wrapped.
i was going.
we would just skip brennan's nap.
it would be fun!
i'm so cool.
and so spontaneous!
after the shower, we had all of this extra time in our day!
naps were such a waste of the afternoon.
this was the thought in my mind pulling out of my parking spot at the baby shower.
this was the thought i would come to regret.
i couldn't help but fantasize about all of the things we were going to get accomplished.
i was feeling extra generous and decided this day was the day we'd go through the mcdonald's drive through for our first happy meal.
i am the COOLEST MOM.
this is what i was thinking.
i was remembering how much i loved them as a child.
the toy! oh the toy!
who am i kidding, i was all about the food.
the cute little box with the arches on top.
lame that they get a sack now.
i order him a milk.
i'm so awesome.
making a healthy choice for my child.
this is what i was thinking.
hand him his bag.
big smile of excitement on my face.
first child.
first happy meal.

first, first, first...blah, blah, blah.
here is where the horrid begins.

he doesn't WANT french fries.
or chicken nuggets.
or his toy.
he drinks some milk.
throws his happy meal across the car.
he is now screaming.
we're all the way across town.
i give him a choc covered granola bar.
it melts on his hands.
he screams.
wipe him off.
b/c now we're parked in front of the bike shop.
max is awake.
i decide we're going to the bike shop.
i want my stroller fixed.
and we're here.
and dr. scout master would surely not want to do it after spending the day in the ICU with grandpa.
we forge ahead.
and so the battle continues.
45 minutes later i'm driving home with my fixed stroller.
with a screaming toddler who has
a. not eaten since 9am (it's now 3:45pm), and he is refusing to eat everything i am offering.
b. he has had no nap (which ended up being a big deal).
max is screaming b/c she is now starving.
i spend the entire 15 min. drive home holding her binky in, while driving (thinking this can't possibly be smart), and laughing to myself over the entire ordeal.
b/c it's funny.
the moment where your life is the pamper's commercial with the screaming children.
except it's not a commercial.
i vow to never intentionally miss a nap again.
this of course will be forgotten, and i will do it again.
but holy cannoli,
we almost didn't make it.
and at that point i still had to get everyone out of the car and bring them into the house.
i'm glad my stroller's fixed.
thorn resistant tires on all wheels now.
and brennan slept 13 hours last night.
for the FIRST time ever...blah, blah, blah.


Emmy said...

You are a better mom than me, I would not be laughing. I hope his grandpa is okay.

Thompson's said...

I was just laughing the whole time I read this...because I know exactly how you are feeling. NEVER take away naps!!! :)

Sarah said...

LOL - that picture is classic. That is exactly why I am so adamant about Mason always getting his nap! :)I love that you were laughing...I would probably be crying.

Sue said...

Those napless days are NOT a good thing.


*MARY* said...

Sometimes they'll still serve happy meals in the box with the arches handle.
Shows how often I take my kids to The Big M.

Lisalulu said...

ok I just had to say that was hilarious! I mean :( sad for you, but a totally funny story to us grandmas!!! It will be better next time.

hattie said...

Ok, so now that you know I stalk your blog, I may as well leave comments! Especially when they involve coming to my shower! (Thanks again for coming even though craziness ensued shortly after) I hope Seans grandpa is ok!

The Wilson Family said...

You're my hero in more then one way. Wished we lived closer :)

Amy said...

Glad you were still able to laugh through it. Not sure I would have done the same. Naps are a blessing from Heaven, I think. Brave brave mother you are.