"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pretty much means always now.

desperate times call for desperate measures.
target date.
i had a list.
we had a babysitter.
off we went.

do not buy this mop.
it bites.
don't be fooled by the good looking handle.
we returned it.
and went with mr. clean this time.
realized there's nothing we are exempt from anymore.
rental cars.
too bad i don't want any of that.
well, maybe the fireworks.
a good 15 min. we stood in front of the baby food aisle.
trying to do the math in my head of 10 for $9 vs. one for 46 cents.
yes, i really stood there trying to figure that out.
tired mama picked the glass jars b/c those were the ones i wanted anyway.
decided i didn't care which was a better deal.
dr. scout master scanned everything i wanted with his phone.
it told him where we could get everything for cheaper.
i told him to stop it.
i didn't want to know i could get it for less.
i was here and here is where we were gettin' it.
we talked houses.
we are getting ready to want one.
well, we've been wanting one for quite some time.
but now we get to really want one for real.
like plan for it.
like don't put the sparkly bows in the cart for max b/c we'd rather have a house.
the moon looked like it had eyes, ears, a nose, and a big smile.
it made me think of goodnight moon.

and the cow jumping over the moon.
and 3 little bears, sitting on chairs...

i love that i'm so exhausted that i actually look intoxicated.
Arctic circle is the new way we end our dates.
at least, it's how we've ended our last two.
which pretty much means always now.
i jumped up on my tippy toes for several seconds in excitement when i saw this.
i hope my mr. clean mop doesn't bite.
the scout master has informed me that i need to schedule make out time in the car next time.
i laughed.
mama still got it!
yeah baby;-)


CJ Sime said...

a good mop is hard to find.

I read Cosmo yesterday and they had a funny feature where they asked a bunch of guys different Q's about what is sexy and put the percentage. Then below the average they put the percentage of MARRIED men's answers. A lot of them were funny because married men's expectations were much lower, and their answers reflected: anything is better than nothing. :o) Mr. sime and I had a good laugh.

Amy said...

:) Make out time. Very important. And fun. When I was young and dreaming about being married and dating, my dream dates with my husband were never as glamorous as shopping. Sadly, that is what the majority of them have become. Who would have thought that any moment stolen with your husband could be so precious?

Hil said...

This is totally my kind of date. I love me a trip to Target. We have the buying a home discussion all the time... like not buying a pair of socks is going to help us get that much closer to buying one. :)

Katie said...

You have no idea how much this date reminded me of me and Chad.